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Why should you utilize Instagram for marketing?

Instagram is an important part of the marketing strategies of many small businesses, and for good reason. More than one billion monthly active Instagram users and 500 million daily Instagram Stories users make up its diversified and sizable audience, which contributes to the platform’s high level of engagement in general.

Research and case studies have unequivocally shown the advantages of an Instagram marketing plan, concluding that it generates sales and leads right away.

Instagram is where about 11% of US social media users make purchases.
Every month, 130 million individuals use Instagram to shop.
Instagram is being used earlier in the purchasing process, with 81% of users using the social media site to research goods and services.
Seventy-two percent of Instagram users claim to have bought a product they saw on the social media network, and 80% of users follow at least one company profile.
A business or product’s appearance in an insta Story is said to have increased the attention of about 62% of consumers.


On Instagram, where people are actively discovering and buying things on their insta feed, users are generally more than happy to follow brands.

It’s also important to remember that insta keeps making investments to support ecommerce firms and retailers in converting interaction into revenue. As an illustration, when done appropriately, Instagram advertisements frequently provide outstanding results and give significant engagement.

Instagram shopping streamlines the platform’s sales procedure. It was previously challenging for business profiles on the platform to add Swipe Up links to insta Stories in order to route visitors to their website. This capability is available to profiles with over 10,000 insta followers.

How to open a business account on Instagram

An Instagram Business account or an Instagram Creator account is required to start utilizing Instagram for marketing. If you already have a personal Instagram account, all you have to do is change your profile in the Instagram app to an Instagram business profile.

What to do is as follows:

Click on your profile’s hamburger symbol () in the top right corner.
Toggle Settings.
A Switch to Professional Account option might be available for some accounts. Continue with the next steps if you don’t.

Account, tap.
Select Professional Account, then select Continue.
Then press Done after choosing a Category for your company.
When prompted, select Business and proceed.

Boost your Instagram profile.
You’ll need to take care of the fundamentals of Instagram account setup before you can begin with Instagram marketing.

Don’t forget to include emojis in your keyword-optimized description and pick a profile photo that is instantly recognizable, such as a company emblem.

Construct a content strategy.
With 63% of its users checking in at least once a day, Instagram has one of the most active user bases of all the social networking sites. They also use the app for 28 minutes on average.

Knowing what kinds of posts perform best is essential if you want your insta marketing to be successful. Do your customers prefer insta Stories the most? Or do they favor the default insta photos?

Even though every population is unique, fortunately, a lot of data has been gathered that can help us decide where to start.

Users of insta like a variety of post kinds, such as advertisements, inspirational sayings, product photos, do-it-yourself or tutorial content, and pictures posted by other users (i.e., user-generated content). However, if you only use one kind of insta post for an extended period of time, users will grow weary or irritated.

Videos on insta are useful since they allow users to access additional information. However, even on IGTV, keep your videos brief if you plan to share them on Instagram. Mobile users make up the majority of insta users, and they rarely stay on the site for longer than 10 to 15 seconds at a time.

Utilize hashtags on Instagram

The usage of pertinent hashtags is a cornerstone of successful digital marketing. Hashtags originated on Twitter, but they never really took off on Facebook. Any word or phrase can become a clickable subject by inserting text

after the # symbol in an insta caption, bio, or Story.

On Insta, users who click a hashtag will get a list of all publicly visible posts utilizing that hashtag. The ability for users to follow insta hashtags that intrigue them is perhaps even more crucial. Even if people don’t follow a particular insta profile, this offers them a stream of content. Users can easily discover high-quality material with the use of hashtags,

and businesses may utilize them to reach a wider audience with their content.

Best hashtagging techniques

Use of hashtags is one of the key elements that will decide your success on insta,

but like any social media marketing strategy, it may be challenging to do so effectively. Here are some best practices to guide you:

Include your custom hashtag on your profile. Your brand’s insta business profile is the best spot to advertise your own hashtags.
Limit the number of hashtags you use. The recommended number of hashtags per post is between eight and eleven,

especially if you diversify the kinds of hashtags, according to research. The official limit is 30, although studies show that this number is rarely exceeded. However, the insta algorithm is continuously evolving, so make sure to stay current with the most recent changes.

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