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Insta likes – achieve measurable increases

If you started with a few subscribers on Instagram. You will be happy about every new follower who shows through Insta likes and comments that he appreciates your contributions. It starts with the likes. Because your photos, short videos or statistics can be as attractive and cleverly prepared. Where there is not already a two- or three-digit number of likes. The hoped-for result, namely getting more Insta likes. Usually does not happen for a long time.

If you feel the same, first check whether the Insta likes are missing because you may not have hit the right note to reach your community. A common mistake for beginners is that pictures are posted without comments and personal address. A simple introductory sentence is enough. It is important that you give your followers the feeling that you are thinking of them when you post and not just reeling off a program.

If your postings are perfect, but the Insta likes are still a long time coming. This may also be due to a lack of strategy. Do your contributions match what you stand for in terms of content? If you run a restaurant, for example. It makes sense to post photos of your dishes, the table, and special moments or even from the menu. Make sure, however, that the images move emotionally and are not understood as pure advertising mail.

You don’t get Insta likes for being able to run a restaurant or cook well. You receive Insta likes for being personable, for conveying the passion with which you pursue your job in your pictures and for sharing a mishap or a strange moment.

Last but not least, it can also be formal aspects that prevent followers from liking your posts. Maybe the time of day is not right or you post too seldom / too often? Maybe you only choose hash tags where you have thousands and thousands of competitors instead of venturing into small niches where you won’t be seen by many, but permanently?

But even if everything is right. Instagram is one of the most popular social media channels and every day as many posts are liked as they are unseen. If, despite a clever strategy and attractive posts, the like’s numbers don’t work out, you still have the option of actively promoting your Instagram account.

One of these possibilities is the so-called shootout. In which a popular Instagram promotes your account – in a hash tag. A video or in a comment to draw attention to it. For Instagram newcomers, however, this is only available to a limited extent and makes sense, because firstly you need an influencer who mentions you, secondly, their community will only switch to you if your account is of comparable interest to this target group.

The alternative in such cases is: Buy Instagram Likes UK. You don’t need an influencer to recommend you or a community to follow this recommendation. In our online shop, we have the right packages for you that will help you get more likes.

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