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Improve Communication Skills for Children – 10 Easy Ways

The ability to communicate makes or breaks the deal. Having all the facts and figures in mind but not communicating them when needed is equal to not knowing them at all. Good information transmitted timely could be the reason for saving life and property. On the other hand, good information communicated poorly could bring grief. Communication is not only crucial for elders because they have to run businesses or have jobs. Relaying information is also vital because sharing is an essential factor in teaching your child communication skills. Nini’s tutor is a reputable tutor academy providing credible home tutor in Lahore. Apart from physical classes, Nini’s tutors also offer online teaching services.

Child communication skills

Teaching your child communication skills won’t be difficult if parents take an active part in the process. It starts at home. Making the child comfortable in speaking their mind will automatically teach them the said skill.

Listen and respond

Teaching and learning is a 2-way street. Teachers and learners both have to be part of the process. Parents who force kids to follow instructions without discussing the significant problems are solely responsible for suppressing communication in kids.

No interruptions

Even when the story is lame or dragging on and on, letting them complete it will give them a confidence boost. However, telling the kid later that they were too long and that some people out there wouldn’t like to hear or read lengthy explanations.


A good reader is a good speaker as it helps in improving and increasing vocabulary. Reading gives implementable ideas. If the child is not naturally shy, reading will significantly improve communication skills.


Just like reading makes a good speaker, listening also adds to the improvement in communication skills.  Listening to others speak will teach pronunciation, delivery of the speech, the art of conveying one’s thoughts and ideas.

Make them participate in extra-curricular.

Making your child participate in extra-curricular activities such as speech/debate, group projects, team sports, etc., will get them in the habit of communicating actively. Socializing is a way of developing communication skills for kids.

Involve them in conversation

Including kids in conversations by asking their opinion on where we should eat? What should we do? what happened at school? What is happening in the match? Who is going to win this game? Why is this team going to win? etc., stuff like this will open them and up for getting in conversations.

Vocabulary aids in child communication skills

Having a sound and constantly expanding vocabulary is essential not to get stuck while explaining/telling something. A person can quickly lose the train of thought when they don’t have the word they need to describe a particular thing. Bad vocabulary is a sure way of lousy communication skills.


Writing about stuff develops the habit of conveying one’s thoughts. It makes them used to not being awkward when talking to someone. Writing is a type of non-verbal communication. The better you are at writing, the better will be your communication skills.


The intentional practice of communication is also helpful. Make your child describe the scene at a shopping center in detail, their thoughts on a movie, or a child throwing tantrum in the market. Stuff like this will also give them the confidence to speak their mind in any situation.

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