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Human to Consider Education as a Primary Human Right

“Education is not a luxury; it is a basic human right.”it is your right. Yet, some countries do not have the necessary infrastructure to provide education to all. This is why governments must take up the job to provide primary education to all.After all, a country’s future depends on education. And that is precisely why developing countries need to work on education and ensure that every child gets primary education. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights has affirmed that education is a primary human right, and there cannot be any discrimination in education.

What is the human Right to Education?

Before moving on to the reasons, you must understand what the right to education exactly means. Here’s a look into the meaning of the right to education:

  • The right to education is legally guaranteed and applies to all without any discrimination.
  • The authorities have the right to hold states accountable if a state violates or deprives people of the right to education.
  • Primary education must be free, compulsory and universal.
  • Professional training opportunities.
  • Good quality of teaching from well-educated teachers.
  • Freedom of choiceDespite such clear statements, some countries do not offer free education, and a considerable percentage of their population is left uneducated. If you are wondering why countries must consider this, here are the reasons to help you understand why education is considered a primary human right.

    Why is Education a Primary Human Right?

    Or does it have some other significance? The following reasons will answer your questions:

    • Quality education is essential for the development of a person and makes them capable.
    • Education can lift a society socially and help bring it out of poverty.
    • Education will help in narrowing down the gap between girls and women. Each year of schooling can reduce the probability of infant mortality by 5 to 10 percent as per UN.
    • Equal education will promote equality of opportunity, universal access, and enforceable and monitored quality standards.You can understand the impact of education once every country starts providing the necessary benefits to all. Many countries around the world have accepted the fact and started providing primary education to all. One of the notable examples is Canada. The country contributes almost 6% of its GDP to education and considers primary education to be compulsory for everyone.Countries that accepted education as a primary human right have grown over time. Learning various subjects enhance skills and opens up a lot of opportunities. Preparing yourself for the future is necessary. Unfortunately, many do not get the chance to prove themselves because of lack of proper education. It’s high time countries acknowledge education as a primary human right and start investing.The following section will take you through the repercussions a country might face if they do not provide free education or acknowledge education as a primary human right.

      Repercussions if a Country Fail to Keep human the Promises

      • Individuals have the right to file complaints in case of any breach and attend necessary legal proceedingsCountries will face the consequences if they do not provide the necessary education to all. Despite such measures, a study has found out that:It is essential to understand the present condition and take steps accordingly. Education can make or break a country’s future. You can look around to know how countries are exploring opportunities and developing with each passing day. China is a great example. But for people who long for education, implementing the right to education is essential. Countries must give equal opportunities to all.Let us be the beacon of hope and usher in the required changes in the future.Almost 258 million children and youth are out of schoolClose to 155 countries provide a legal guarantee for education for 9 years or moreOnly 99 countries offer a legal guarantee of at least 12 years of free education2% of primary-school-age children do not go to school. The youth literacy rate is around 91.73% which means close to 102 million children lack basic literary skills.

      There are authorities that look into the matter of education as a human right.

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