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How to Upload PST Emails into Exchange Online?

Managing data files in an on-premises environment can lead to concerns including data corruption, compliance challenges, security issues, eDiscovery difficulties, and no network access optimization. The user can upload PST emails to Exchange Online to prevent such issues.

This is simple to accomplish if the user uses the Office 365 Import service to migrate their Outlook PST file to Exchange Online. PST files may be imported into Exchange Online mailboxes using Office 365’s Import feature.

If users find data migration challenges, they can employ a third-party solution to import PST to Exchange with complete data. Outlook emails to Office 365 Migration Software is a paid service that migrates all on-premises Outlook PST files to Microsoft cloud storage.

The programme allows you to migrate multiple UNICODE PST files to Office 365 while maintaining all meta information and attachments. Furthermore, Office 365 Transfer enables the safe migration of PST files with zero data loss.

How to Import PST File Data into Exchange Online

Network Upload: In this scenario, the user will upload data files over the network to a cloud-based temporary storage device, and then utilise the Office 365 Import service to import PST file data.

Drive Shipping: In this method of migration, the user copies the data files to a BitLocker encrypted hard drive and then sends it to Microsoft. Microsoft Personal will upload the data to a temporary storage place in the Microsoft cloud after receiving the hard disc. The user may now import data to cloud-based mailboxes using the Office 365 service import service.

Import PST File into Exchange Online

How To Migrate Outlook PST To Exchange Online – A Step-by-Step Guide

Install Azure AzCopy to upload PST files to Office 365 and copy the organization’s SAS URL.

  • This network URL combines the Azure storage location and the SAS key in Office 365. (Shared Access Signature). The admin can upload PST files to Azure storage using the SAS key.
  • Now it needs to import PST to Office 365 using the AzCopy.exe utility. The user can utilise this to upload PST files to an Azure cloud storage location.
  • The user can check the list of submitted PST files to ensure that they were successfully uploaded to Azure Blob and that their names are correct.
  • Create a CSV file after uploading the PST files to the Azure storage location to define which mailboxes the PST files will be imported to in Office 365.
  • Finally, the user will construct an Office 365 import task that will use data from a CSV file to import PST files into a user mailbox.

Using Drive Shipping To Upload PST Emails into Exchange Online

Online Drive Shipping is quite similar to the network upload technique for importing PST files in Exchange. This approach, on the other hand, requires the user to copy the PST files on a hard drive, which will then be physically mailed to Microsoft. The data centre technicians will upload the data from the hard disc to the Cloud whenever Microsoft gets it.

  • Install WAImportExport.exe and a secure storage key first.
  • The user will upload PST files to the hard drive with WAImportExport.exe, and the utility will encrypt these PST files with BitLocker.
  • The WAImportExport.exe utility will generate a Journal file that contains details about the copy procedure.
  • Microsoft employees will now move PST files from hard drives to Azure storage areas, with the import process relying on data from CSV files.
  • The user’s mailboxes and PST files will be specified in the CSV file.
  • Finally, the user will set up a PST import task and ship the hard disc to the Microsoft cloud. After that,
  • Microsoft will offer shipment details. The data will be moved from the hard drive to the Azure Storage area by Microsoft staff.

Migrate PST File To Exchange Online

The following causes necessitate the conversion of Outlook PST files to Exchange Online Mailboxes:

  • Users can move their on-premises data to Online using the migration of PST files to Exchange Online.
  • Outlook PST to Exchange online migration allows users to keep their data in a centralised location.
  • Allows you to archive Outlook data on Exchange online to free up more mailbox storage space.
  • To preserve the content, users can put their Mailboxes and sites on hold.
  • Users may set up retention rules and document deletion policies to keep their data safe for a certain amount of time. This choice will assist the user in their recuperation.
  • It can use Microsoft eDiscovery technologies to find the information it needs.
  • Data loss and harm will be prevented by transferring the Outlook PST files to Exchange Online.
  • The user may access cloud data from anywhere using their devices, which improves data availability.

Automated Approach to Import PST to Office 365 Mailbox

One can also use an automated tool like PST Converter to migrate PST file to Exchange Online account. It can import multiple Outlook PST file into Office exchange Online. Also, it is the best method to migrate emails, calendars & contacts from PST file to Exchange account. Using this utility you can also export PST file into hosted server account. Along with that you can also import PST to iCloud, Gmail, Yandex, and many other webmail accounts with ease.

Steps to Upload PST Emails into Exchange Online

1. Install and Run SysConverter for PST on your system.

2. Select Open >> Email Data File >> PST File >> Select File from Folder.

3. Click on Export and choose IMAP as a saving option.

4. At last, enter your Exchange Online login details and hit on the Save button.

All Done! here you upload PST emails to Exchange online in a few simple steps.


The user can import PST files into Exchange Online to protect Outlook data files (.pst) against potential disasters. One may move on-premises Outlook mailbox data to the exchange cloud using the import function, which will improve data availability.

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