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How to Turn your New Customer into a Regular One with Custom Packaging?

If the term custom packaging instantly brings to mind a simple brown regular slotted container, you’re seriously missing out on an opportunity to improve the customer experience. In an age where you choose trendy clothing when every aspect of your life is on social media platforms, customer-focused packaging is no longer a problem.

Whether you run a physical business or an online store, custom packaging has evolved into an exciting way to add to the look and feel of your products.

Successful Strategies

Here are some strategies to engage your customers with custom packaging if you’re looking for ways to make your packaging shine.

Printed Boxes

Custom-Printed Boxes

When it comes to packaging, most of the time, we imagine essential cardboard boxes. However, with the growing need for personalized products, we now have the opportunity to customize our product packaging.

Packaging companies like RushCustomBoxes is among the companies that can provide custom-printed boxes customized to match your business’s style.

With the various packaging options available, you can choose materials, colors, and sizes for your boxes. With a strong focus on sustainability, this company offers eco-friendly packaging options so you can pack your goods knowing you’ve helped make the environment at least happier.

Poly Mailers

Poly Mailers

If you use poly mailer bags to ship apparel or other small items, you may want to consider custom packaging boxes that will make your products stand out even in the mailer.

There are a lot of poly mailer options with attractive designs. Companies like Noissue, provide custom-printed mailer bags customized according to your needs.

Special Notes

Increase the quality of your custom packaging by including a special note. Special notes tell customers that you truly value their loyalty, whether you have a cute postcard or a personal thank you letter.

Let the people know if you donate a percentage of your profits to charity. While you may think that people are aware that you’re giving to charities because it’s on your website, telling your customers that the product they’re holding is being given to sick children at the community hospital gives them positive karma to feel good. In the process, they can associate that feeling with your business.

Including discount coupons in your custom packaging is also possible. Getting someone to buy your items is generally a significant achievement. However, getting a first-time buyer to turn into a regular customer is even more impressive.

Use your appreciation letter to express your gratitude to customers for buying your product and include discount codes to motivate them to continue their purchases.

Stickers & Labels

Stickers & Labels

Let’s say you wrap your goods in tissue paper or need a unique method to seal envelopes for cards. In this case, stickers are a fantastic way to advertise your business’s custom packaging. Websites like StickerGiant offer sticker printing customized to your designs’ exact dimensions and outline, which not all sticker stores offer. This company also offers weather-resistant and foil-stamped labels and stickers and provides low-cost options for business owners on a budget.


Who said you have to use clear packing tape for every aspect of shipping? Instead of using the type of tape that is usually expected, consider incorporating tape with fun patterns or colors. If you’re stuck with things that aren’t big, like sealing an envelope, visit your local store and check out the scrapbooking section. There are rolls (per roll!) of scrapbooking tape, including glitter, fabric, flowers, and more.

Tissue Paper

If you use tissue paper in your custom packaging, look for patterns or colors that complement and enhance the product. Do you need this finishing touch for your packaging? Use vibrant ribbon, twine, or raffia for a fun element of product packaging.

Communication via Emails

Although emails are not an element of the physical packaging you use, they are part of the shopping experience for your customers. If you are an online or e-commerce store, look for options to make it personal and bring personality to your “Thank you for your purchase” emails.

Many websites already have email templates that include typical copies of purchase orders and shipping emails. You can customize your message and make the wait fun for your customers. If you are new to design skills, try adding delightful images to your newsletters.

Increase your Chance of Going Viral

By creating unique packaging that is custom designed, you increase your chances of customers sharing their unboxing experiences via social media. The more photos or videos of your business are shared on social media, the greater your chances of exposure and potential customers. This is especially true if you submit your product to any social media influencer or celebrity. The better the packaging you use, the more likely you are to turn that exposure into conversions.

Customer service extends beyond simply asking customers what they are doing in a physical store. In the case of e-commerce, all of your online presence and email responses to your packaging come together with the concept of providing customer service. You create unique customer service if you spend more time adding personality and care to your custom packaging. This could ultimately bring more business in the future.

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