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How to Make your Essay Structure Attractive and Rock-solid?

So, you have been struggling to impress your teacher but can’t stand out? This really happens. We get overwhelmed and blank and unsure which essay to start with or get started with a challenging topic. That’s where students need to understand essay structure and make a plan for a successful essay. In high school, it is not enough to submit an article.

One of the essential skills to develop is effective writing. And the establishment of that skill is popularly known as how to structure your essay.

Here is a small glimpse of it.

Introduction or hook up

Body paragraph


This essay structure has stood the test of time for a straightforward reason. It clearly represents what’s your thinking ability, your position, and your opinions.


The first impression starts from here. This is where you introduce your topic and start a discussion. Then, you can begin with a summary with points.

According to academic writing service experts, it is better to leave your introduction if you are stuck. Many times students don’t know how to start, and it takes a lot of time. This is also the place where you state your thesis. Your thesis is the most crucial part of the essay.

Body paragraph:

Your essay body contents are where you show your opinion or support for your thesis statement with facts and evidence. You must focus on one supporting argument for your thesis by mentioning related data, content, and events.

If you are not confident about whether you should include a particular factor or detail in your body content, refer to the thesis statement. If the detail is supportive for your essay, then it should be in your essay.

If it doesn’t, reject it. Your thesis statement is the main attraction of your basic essay structure, so everything apart in the essay requires it. Consult Assignment help online when you are in doubt.


Here you summarize all the points you have made so far and make your argument logical. Because your reader already gets your thesis and there is nothing to introduce new in the conclusion part.

How many paragraphs are in an essay?

There is no exact rule for writing paragraphs for college essays. In high school, you were told to write five-paragraph essays. This is an ideal essay structure to work with, but you will get more freedom to construct your essay structure in college.

Now, you must follow the essay guideline given by your teacher or professor.

You may structure your essay chronologically, in a compare and contrast manner, and also in the problem-solution method.


In this article, you get a brief knowledge of essay structure. You may explore other essay structure by reading various articles, online blogs, content, and books. You can also consult custom essay help in the UK to get guidance on essay writing.

Author Bio:

Karen Hamada is a professor from Victoria University, Australia. He is now working with and has done more than 5,000+ projects. Edmund loves traveling and gardening in his spare time.

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