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How To Avoid Unfortunate Incidents During House Relocation?

House relocation is a back-breaking affair, even if everything falls in place. And when things don’t go as planned, it can become a nightmarish experience. I will tell you how you can avoid unfortunate incidents during house relocation. As you look for the authentic packers and movers according to your preferences, look for the specific online platforms that provide you with the details of verified packers and movers. 

In this article, I have depicted my experience after talking to a team of professionals from one such online platform. They are from the customer care department and have been attending to the feedback calls for several years. Customers, who have already carried out house relocation, share their past experiences. Some of the customers are highly satisfied while others have been victims of unfortunate incidents. I will let you know about a few of the most terrible mishaps that had taken place with the movers so that you are aware of such vandalism in the future. 

Below mentioned are some of the most unfortunate incidents that can occur during your house shifting along with the ways to dodge them: 

Moving Scams

“Scam” is one of the most powerful words in English Vocabulary and is the most dreaded word for sure. Everybody wants to stay away from being scammed. If by any chance you get scammed, you are financially ruined and emotionally devastated. The packers and movers industry comprises a number of fraudulent companies worldwide. There is a constant rise in the number of moving scams by the deceitful packers and movers companies. This is why the people feel traumatized by the thought of house relocation. 

According to the feedback of the customers who have been victims of moving scams, they were terrified by their past experience. As they needed to relocate later in life, they appealed to find them a genuine and dependable moving company. They wouldn’t mind going over-budget and paying extra but they feared being scammed. 

What should you do to stay away from moving scams?

To stay safe from moving scams, follow these measures. Never choose your moving company in haste. Verify if the packers and movers in Rajkot is IBA-approved and experienced. IBA or “Indian Banks Association” is a separate vertical in the banking sector that authenticates the packers and movers companies in India. So, if a moving company is IBA-approved, it is a genuine one. 

Consider visiting the office premises of the moving company. An established moving company is supposed to have a registered office address. So, go and check the way they treat their potential customers and pay heed to their body language. Request them to show their trade license and GST certificate. Don’t pay the entire moving charges in advance or in cash. Use online mode of payment for secure transactions. If you follow these methods, you will not fall prey to moving scams. 

Last Minute Cancellations

Summer is the peak season in the packers and movers industry. Most of the moving companies are already booked throughout the summers and you will not get any slot available for your house shifting if you want to book them on a short notice. Even if you get a free slot during summers, you may not be able to choose the moving company according to your preferences. You may have to compromise your choices and go for any moving company that gives you a free slot. Since, you will be short of choices; you will end up choosing them without conducting their background verification. This is when things go out of hand. 

On many occasions, the moving companies undertake 2-3 house shifting errands in the peak season. They are high in demand and have too many clients to cater to. They have an upper-hand to choose from a lot of customers. Thus, they can cancel your booking in the last-minute and choose to cater another customer who offers them a better price. 

After talking to the professional team in the customer care division, I got to know that the movers had faced a lot of trouble due to the last minute cancellations. They were left hanging without any backup, and they had no other options of hiring another moving company on their behalf as the rest of them were already booked. 

What should you do to save yourself from last minute cancellation hassle? 

To save yourself from last minute cancellations, prepare your move in advance. Confirm your booking at least 3 months ahead of the day of the move. Choose an authentic and reputed company. If a moving company has a good brand-value, they will not put their reputation at stake for earning a few extra bucks. Thus, they will never ditch you the last moment for another client offering them a bit extra. Besides, you should consider getting a proper written or printed invoice by the moving company as you close the deal with them. 

Loss or Damage of Goods

House relocation is a complicated process and every bit of it has to align in a perfect way to make it successful. But, many times there are accidents or some involvement of corrupt activities which can lead to damage or loss of goods. 

As per the feedback of the victims of lost goods, they have faced an immense shock as all their belongings got lost or rather looted by the iniquitous packers and movers. These miscreants loot the goods of the customers and either sell their belongings in the second-hand markets or they use the belongings in their households. The customers who went through this doomed occurrence expressed their trauma to the customer care team. 

What should you do if you want to prevent loss or damage of your goods? 

If you want to prevent being as ill-fated as those customers, you should first check the background of your moving company. Check for the IBA authentication, the GST certificate, and the trade license of the company. A moving company that is authentic, experienced, and reputed will protect your goods under their custody. They will further make sure that your things do not get damaged during the move. A genuine and reputed company will deliver your goods on time and in perfect condition. 

Another important thing that you should do is to avail of moving insurance. A moving insurance ensures that you get the rightful compensation against the lost or damaged products. So, even if there is a mishap and your belongings get damaged or lost, you can get the equivalent monetary value from the moving company to incur the losses. 

The Final Verdict

House shifting is an elaborate process and a lot of things have to be taken care of. You have to prepare in advance, have an in-depth plan, and carry out the entire execution process with patience and diligence. But do not forget what is the most important in this entire hustle bustle. Don’t finalise your moving company in haste. Verify their documents and check their reviews online. Get all the bills and in-voice in writing. Do not pay the moving company in advance or in cash. Avail of moving insurance. 

If you follow the aforementioned points, you can avoid any of those unfortunate incidents during house shifting. I wish you a safe and joyful move!

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