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Home Lighting Design Guide

Interior lighting has a special effect on the situation in rooms, in the kitchen or in the bathroom. In addition to their direct purpose, lighting fixtures can change the aesthetic perception of interior design as much as possible, with their help it is easy to form the emotional state of a person. In every interior design solution, there are important lights.

What is the light in interior design for an apartment?

Light is a product obtained from heating an object. That is, the higher the temperature, the brighter the light. There are two main types:

  • natural;
  • artificial.

Natural light will make any environment comfortable and can maximize reflection from surfaces and mirrors. In other words, it is sunlight. To make it more in the room, it is worth thinking about increasing the window openings.

It’s important to remember that it varies based on the time of day, the weather, and the location. Northern light is considered more permanent. When choosing lighting fixtures, it is imperative to take into account how much natural light enters the premises of a house or apartment. So before fitting out interior solutions think about light.

What light fixtures emit is considered artificial light.

How lighting affects emotions.

The organization of light and the color scheme of the design are inseparable. They have an impact on a person’s perception of space, as well as their psychological and physiological state. Shades of green, for example, have a relaxing effect, whilst shades of red stimulate energy.

Cool lighting, typical of most offices, improves work efficiency. This is accomplished through affecting people’s internal biorhythms. At the same time, not only the color of the lighting is important, but the light scenarios. That is, for concentrated work at a later time of the day, a table lamp is quite suitable, and for a festive atmosphere, flashing multi-colored light bulbs should be used.

Bright lighting always energizes a person, but after a lengthy period of time in such a space, aggravation and exhaustion may set in. But warm soft lighting promotes rest and relaxation. As a result, experts advise creating a programmable lighting system in the home that uses a variety of light sources.

Current trends in lighting.

Lighting trends, like the design of the apartment itself, vary on a regular basis. The choice of lighting fixtures also has a significant impact on the room’s decor. Take a look at some of today’s most popular technical solutions:

  • Multilevel lighting. The upper main level is the light from the ceiling and wall fixtures. Next comes wall lighting, such as paintings and table lighting. This method allows you to emphasize the spaciousness and comfort of the room, creating various effects when you turn on certain lighting devices.
  • Illumination of objects and lamps built into the floor is a new trend. The light from below is beautiful, original, and cozy. Furthermore, you can add a second level of lighting this way. But it’s not enough just to install light bulbs on the floor, it is important to think about what the end result should be, what will need to be emphasized with this light. For this look, it is recommended to use LED bulbs, as they do not heat up and are considered bright enough.
  • LED light sources are becoming more and more popular. Almost every designer tries to include them into their work. In addition, these bulbs consume little electricity and last a very long time. Manufacturers continue to improve the characteristics of these light bulbs, offering consumers a large selection of lighting products.
  • Movable lamps are another novelty in this area. Such designs make it possible, if necessary, to change the direction of the light flux. It is very convenient, so pendant rotary lighting fixtures very quickly became fashionable. They change direction, and brightness, while easily and quickly attached to the ceiling or walls. In spaces with intricate multi-level ceiling designs, movable luminaires are frequently used.
  • Illumination of niches and openings look original if spotlighting is organized in their plane. So the room can visually give additional volume.
Other trends
  • The combination of different light sources is a consequence of the active development of the production of lighting products. A few years ago, when decorating apartments, only incandescent lamps people used, but now the choice is great. Various types of lamps in the interior are well together and complement each other. It all relies on your creativity and the functionality you desire.
  • Hidden light is an interesting design decision. The point is that there is light, but the light source is not observed, it is masked by other interior items. The atmosphere becomes calmer and more comfortable thanks to soft lighting.
  • Portable lamps allow you to change the atmosphere in the room several times a day with a variety of lighting effects. But there is some drawback – you will need a significant number of outlets located around the room’s perimeter. Extension cords that spoil the appearance of the room are categorically not suitable here.
  • The use of dimmers allows you to change the degree of brightness of the light as needed. This feature is especially useful for multi-level lighting. You may give the room exceptional beauty and comfort by adjusting the brightness of the light. Designers consider these devices the first step in organizing a smart home.
  • Decorative lighting is another fashion trend that continues to evolve and improve. To give the atmosphere a special mood, various additional light sources or the so-called backlight are important. Particularly popular are LED light bulbs and fiber optic systems that can create unusual special effects. A ceiling with a starry sky or a glistening dance floor, for example. It all depends on the individual’s preferences.



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