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Health Benefits of Pomegranate in Men

Benefits of Pomegranate

Have you ever come across a more nutrient and a richer fruit than a pomegranate?  Also known as the divine fruit, this red fruit is considered as the healthiest for a reason.  It has anti-tumour, anti-viral and anti-oxidant properties and is considered as a rich source of folic acid, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E.  It is loaded with two vital compounds – Punicic acid and punicalagin which offers it an edge over other fruits.

Antioxidants present in Pomegranates are almost three times more than green tea or wine. Drinking pomegranate juice or eating them on a regular basis will keep BP under control, make your skin glow, smoothen digestion, fight type 2 diabetes and boost your immunity.

Pomegranate benefits for your health

  • Protects us from free radicals.
  • Acts as blood thinner
  • Prevents atherosclerosis.
  • Acts like an oxygen mask
  • Prevents arthritis.
  • Fights erectile dysfunction.
  • It is loaded with beneficial nutrients.

Pomegranate is a rich source of carbohydrates and natural sugar. One serving of this fruit contains 64 calories which includes 11 grams of sugar, 14 grams of carbohydrates, 1 gm of protein and 3 grams of fiber.

It is a safe fruit and it use doesn’t lead to any form of side effects.  Its extracts may lead to sensitivity whose symptoms include difficulty breathing, runny nose, swelling and itching.

Certain precautions must be taken care of by people prior to its use.

People who are suffering from low BP – drinking pomegranate juice might shoot their BP levels. Those suffering from plant allergies are more prone to develop an allergic reaction to it. This fruit should never be taken about 2 weeks prior to any surgery as this might interfere with BP control. Pregnant women and lactating mothers can drink pomegranate juice but there is not enough information regarding the use of its extract.

We will discuss some of the health benefits of this fruit.

Protects our body from free radicals:

Free radicals are formed due to harmful toxins in the environment and due to our exposure to the Sun. Pomegranate protect our body from free radicals and prevent premature ageing.

  1. Works as a blood thinner

Antioxidants in pomegranate act as a blood thinner. Its seeds not only prevent coagulating but also prevent your blood platelets from forming clots.

  1. Prevents atherosclerosis

With increase in age, the walls of arteries become harder leading to blockages.

The antioxidant present in this fruit prevents bad cholesterol from oxidizing. Eating pomegranates prevents the hardening of artery walls and removes excess fat.

  1. Works like an oxygen mask

Pomegranate assists in pumping the level of oxygen in blood. It prevents blood clot, reduces cholesterol and fights free radicals. All this improves the level of oxygen in the body and allows the blood to flow freely.

  1. Prevents arthritis

Pomegranate reduces damage of cartilage and fights the enzyme that does so.

  1. 6 Combats weak erection

Use of Pomegranate juice improves erectile capabilities and enables men to last long in bed.  In addition to this fruit, males can also rely on Tadalafil 20mg, an erection enhancing agent, to stay erect and firm during the entire love making act.

  1. Fights prostate cancer and heart disease

Pomegranate juice thins the blood, fights prostate cancer and prevents cardiovascular diseases. Several studies have confirmed the beneficial effect of this medication in combating both these medical complications.

Some more health benefits

  1. Improves Memory

A study was conduct where people who struggle in learning and retaining were take 237 ml of its juice every day. Over a period of time, an improvement was observe in their visual and verbal memory.

  1. Controls blood pressure

Punicic acid is the main ingredient of pomegranate that lowers triglycerides, cholesterol and controls blood pressure

  1. Improves Digestion

Use of Pomegranate in your daily diet can be the best ways to include fibre in your daily diet. A single piece of pomegranate contains 45% of daily intake of fibre.

  1. Boosts immunity

Pomegranates are extremely beneficial for those who are suffering from immune related disorders such as osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. It is also rich in Vitamin C which assists in the development of immunity and boosts antibody production. This fruit keeps illnesses and infections at bay and maintains a healthy immune system.

  1. Controls Stress levels

Pomegranate reduces body’s internal oxidative stress and lowers psychological stress. Studies have shown that people who drank its juice had lower levels of cortisol.

  1. Prevents the formation of plague

Pomegranate is a better option than alcohol for mouthwashes as it contains strong anti-plague effects. The hydro alcoholic extract of pomegranate lowers dental plague formation due to the buildup of microorganisms.

Males can overcome flaccid erection with Pomegranate juice and Levitra Tablets

Men who fail to get a strong erection while making love to their female companion can rely on Levitra, a powerful medication to stay hard and last long in bed. It is formulate with an FDA approve ingredient know as Vardenafil, which restores the natural supply of blood to the private parts of males and assists them to relish multiple sessions of pleasurable intimacy. The effectiveness of this medication stays on in the men’s body for close to 10 hours and prepares the ground for enjoying multiple climaxes. A face to face meeting with a senior health care professional is mandatory prior to the use of this pill. Males with flaccid erection can rejuvenate their conjugal lives with the prescribed use of Kamagra online UK.

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