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Get the tip to tackle Spooky horse.

How to Help Startled Horse

Are you an easily scared horse owner? You’re not the only one! Horses are prey animals and have an instinct to look for danger. Horses can be frightened of mundane objects, even those they don’t like. Get the tip to tackle Spooky horse.

Continue reading to discover why horses can spook and what you can do about it. We will also give some tips for handling a scared horse.

Spooking Defined

Spooking can refer to various movements, including bolting, rearing, and moving quickly to one side or the other. As soon as a horse is startled, it will act aggressively. Spooking may be caused by multiple factors.

Equine Psychology 101

Prey animals are horses that have the instinct to seek out danger. The fight or flight response is the horse’s instinct to flee from danger.

Horses don’t have sharp teeth or claws like predators. The primary defense mechanism of horses is speed, because they are prey animals. Horses sometimes rear, bite or kick out when threatened, but their primary defense mechanism is to flee from the danger.


What will startle a horse?

Horses can be scared by anything unexpected, strange, or makes unusual sounds. Different horses are sensitive to scary objects, however. Some horses are “bomb-proof,” meaning they can withstand almost any shock. Some are notoriously creepy.

  • Be saddled from the left instead of the right
  • Another horse where we didn’t expect it
  • Birds flying in the air, like birds.
  • We only just noticed the repetitive noise.
  • A miniature horse that looked just like him.
  • And lastly…seemingly not at all.

What does a horse do when it spooks?

Spooks can be severe, ranging from horses with tension in their backs to full-blown bolting. A spook can also cause bucking or shearing.


Sometimes horses dart to one side or whip a sudden 180-degree turn. Horses will quickly move to escape whatever scares them.

How do you handle a spook?

It is essential to keep your horse calm if it starts to spook. Things will only get worse if you are angry or upset.

To handle a spook, follow these tips:

  • Keep calm. As we have already mentioned, being upset can only make things worse. To help you remain calm, take slow deep breaths.
  • Talk to horses in a quiet voice. If you tell them everything is fine, they may be calmed down.
  • Relax your body language. Horses can read body language very well. It will only increase their anxiety if they seem nervous or tense.
  • Keep your horse’s feet moving if you are in the saddle for the spook. Your horse can’t concentrate on more than one thing, so make sure he follows your commands. It can be helpful to use circles!
  • Be aware of situations that could lead to spookiness, and take precautions. Ask your horse for a side pass if you come up on a large, frightening trash can. You could also try a half-halt. Or create a serpentine. Ask for any movement that signals to your horse that you are in control and that he only needs to think about your next cue.Read about- How to Make Homemade Cat Food


Desensitization means that your horse will accept all circumstances.


How do you desensitize a nervous horse?

Your horse will experience a range of experiences when you expose him to a variety of situations. Horses are usually trained to accept riders during these early stages.

Desensitization is usually done on the ground and then moves to the saddle. Trail riding offers incredible desensitization possibilities, even though desensitization can be done in your arena.

The process requires consistency over the long run. Every horse is unique and has its personality. Desensitization may reduce a horse’s reaction, but some will still respond.

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