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The AddSpy Email tracking app allows you to remotely view incoming and outgoing emails on the dashboard. Prior to the release of email tracking software, we sent and tracked emails until we received a response. We are now in a digital social landscape that allows us to see if our emails were delivered and if so, who, when, and how often reads your emails.

Email tracking software has become an important part of reaching customers at every level, both old and new. And using AddSpy with email tracking has made it even easier for businesses to access their expectations at the right time and with the right links. Before we delve into how email tracking works in AddSpy, we understand a few things about email tracking and how it affects businesses.

How Can An Email Tracking App Boost Your Sales

Most well-known businesses teams utilize a few forms of E-mail Tracking App. This will help determine the level of communication between your customers and potential customers about your business. And identify the people who are most interested in what you’re selling.

In this time, having various email tracking apps provides sales teams more extra control and access to valuable data. With the proper email tracking app, sales teams can bring sales leads, influence decision-makers, and close deals. See how an Email Tracking app can boost your sales.

Identify Your Potential Customers

Email tracking lets you connect directly with your customers and prospects, helping you see when they are receiving and opening your emails. When your good customers open and click on the link in their email, you’ll know when they’re actively engaged with your business.

You can also see how many times your emails have been opened and track the links they clicked on. This will allow you to identify your potential customers so that you can reach them on time or send them the next email, and increase your chances of getting your business.

Interact With Relevant References

It is difficult to get the data without the right context. However, with email tracking software, you can use references to your advantage. Email tracking allows sales teams to track their expectations and every email they exchange with customers. This allows them to contact potential customers for pertinent information or to respond to their requests.

For example, if your potential customers click on a shared case study or demolition in an email, you know how to direct the next conversation to them. Similarly, getting information about a potential customer’s behavior will help you find out about their likes and preferences. This in turn permits you to grow relationships that convert into sales.

Use Data-Driven Analytics

Email tracking software provides you with information about which of your emails are working and which are harmful or not helping your nerves. So you can use the right strategy, you can personalize your email and keep track of time with specific data. So every point of contact is important and relevant. Use statistics for each email you send to see the results. It allows you to design email templates accordingly.

Increase Sales Productivity

Email tracking is designed to improve sales productivity. Achieving expectations when they’re ready saves sales representatives follow-up time. They can also automate follow-up replies based on your expectations for email behavior. That way, your rep doesn’t have to manually add additional tasks or blindly send additional emails. And it is a winning option to save time and build a lasting relationship.

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