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Eyelash Extensions Business Requirements

If you are interested in starting a business in eyelash extensions, you may be wondering what the requirements are to get started. Assumption Business Names are required to legally operate as an Eyelash Extensions business. Whether you are operating as a Corporation, LLC, or DBA, you must obtain an assumed business name certificate in order to conduct business.

Benefits of Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are a popular treatment for women who want to add a touch of glam to their looks. The process is quick and easy. The best part is that they are virtually waterproof, so you can swim, shower, and even sweat with them on. In addition, these extensions are painless to apply and are generally safe. Nonetheless, it is important to be aware of some precautions to protect your extensions.

1- Natural Lashes

Eyelash extensions can lengthen your natural lashes, giving them a more dramatic appearance. In addition, some women opt for the process because they want to darken their natural lashes. This can give them a youthful appearance by adding volume. Moreover, these extensions do not damage your natural lashes, so you can skip applying mascara afterward.

2- Licensed Esthetician

A licensed esthetician is the best person to apply eyelash extensions. Make sure the salon is licensed and you get a consultation with a dermatologist before you decide to use them. Also, if you have sensitive eyes, opt for a licensed esthetician and not a cosmetologist. Also, it is a good idea to read reviews on the studio or the esthetician before going in for an appointment.

3- Cheap

Eyelash extensions are not cheap. They can cost you from $100 to 300 dollars for a full set. You will also need to have refills every two to four weeks because each individual lash is at a different growth stage. Depending on the desired look, you may need several extensions per natural lash to create a fuller look.

4- Process

The application process usually lasts about an hour. After the application, you can wash your face, but you must avoid rubbing your eyes as your lashes will be in different stages of growth. It is best to avoid humid environments for 24 hours after the procedure. You should use a gentle cleanser after your appointment.

5- Treatment

After your treatment, you should avoid swimming and going to the spa. You should also avoid wearing heavy eye makeup for the first 48 hours. This can damage the lashes and cause them to fall out. It is important to follow your eyelash stylist’s instructions to ensure that your eyelashes stay healthy and beautiful.

Business License

Before you can start your Columbus eyelash extensions business, you must obtain a business license. This license is required for all businesses, including sole proprietorships, LLCs, corporations, and partnerships. You must file the appropriate paperwork with your local government to obtain a license. The cost of a business license is generally around $49 plus state fees.

In addition, a business license for eyelash extensions is also necessary for wholesale selling. Besides a business license, you must also obtain an EIN (Eyelash Extensions Beauty Service International) or DBA (limited liability company) certificate. Getting a license to sell your services will reduce your taxes. You should also consider getting a seller’s permit from your local government if you plan to sell wholesale products.

Training Options of Eyelash Extensions

If you’re interested in becoming a Columbus eyelash extension professional, there are many training options available. You can train in person or take training online. Xtreme LIVE Online(tm) offers online eyelash extension training that is both hands-on and interactive. This is an excellent option for anyone who wants to learn the basics of eyelash extension application.

Training programs in eyelash extension are generally quite long. Some take up to a year. Depending on your state and location, additional training may be required by your employer. It is important to be aware that you may not be able to work in the field before you have obtained the necessary training.

The 4-Day Live Online Classic Certification Training is a good option for beginners. This program provides a thorough introduction to The Classic Lashes, which is one of the most popular lash extension techniques. This training includes manual and machine shading techniques. It is recommended for beginners as well as aspiring Lash Artists.

Xtreme Lashes Certification Training

When you choose to take Xtreme Lashes certification training for your eyelash extensions business, you’ll receive all the supplies you need to be successful. This includes an Xtreme Lashes Environmental System and portable application station, a massage table, Lashista(r) LED Light, and contoured pillow. Additionally, you’ll receive a Xtreme Lashes Environmental System, which purifies the air in your work area and helps you create a positive environment for your clients.

Xtreme Lashes certification training for eyelash extensions Columbus offers a two-day training course that covers the essentials of applying lashes, including application techniques, business building, and client care. It also includes hands-on practice with live models. Plus, you’ll be able to list yourself on the Xtreme Lashes online lash stylist directory once you’ve completed the program.

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