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Don’t Just Sit There! Start Custom Hair Extension Boxes Designing Today..!!

The art of designing never gets old. It is the outer packaging and the style of the boxes that make your brand famous instantly. But creativity takes the boxes way beyond. It is the creative ideas that will help you to attain high sales. Wait no more go grab some new designing ideas to modify your custom hair extension boxes and change the entire sales game.

You can choose all the amazing tips and tricks available within the market. If you are not able to get some new ideas from the market to design your boxes then hire a good packaging company.

Read below to know some of the interesting ideas for changing the outlook of the hair extension boxes:

Round Mailer Box

The hair wigs will look flawless within these round mailer boxes. The roundness of the box gives the perfect feel. As in the ancient era, the circular shape was considered the most perfect shape as one needs great practice to draw this shape at once. So, due to the perfection of the shape, it was drawn at the floor of the sacred place.

Back to the packaging, the round mailer boxes will look outstanding. You can completely give the box the pattern of the hair with the same color wig placed within the box. However, like this, your hair wigs will look attractive and elegant.

To design the box you can add the main information about the product at the middle of the box with the help of stickers. Moreover, add the social media icons on the boxes. With the help of social media icons, your customers will know where they have to visit for promotions and feedback.

Wall Hanging Sleeve Wrap Packaging

The hair wigs comprise a long length so, they will look outstanding within the hanging sleeve wrap. If you want to showcase your sleeves elegantly in the stores then hang them within the sleeve wraps. On the top of the sleeve wrap, you can define the name of your brand.

Rigid Box

The trend of rigid boxes for enclosing the hair wigs can never get old. You can beautifully enclose your colorful hair extensions within the rigid box packaging. Moreover, the inclusion of the magnetic closure will look attractive in this box style. And the addition of the silk cloth within the box would be a great idea. You can amazingly present your customers with elegant hair wigs which can make their appearance fabulous in seconds.

Triangular Sleeve Boxes

The triangular sleeve boxes are the most attractive ones. If you are launching a new brand and want to make the brand famous in front of your customers then wait no more as the triangular boxes can change the entire outlook of your hair wigs.

Utilize the metallic coating on these boxes to show them uniquely to the customers. Moreover, the addition of the gradient theme will look outstanding on the boxes. You can go for the blue and peach theme.

Further, add the window patch on the custom hair extension boxes, however, the addition of the window will look outstanding and will make your boxes look fabulous in seconds. There are various benefits of adding window patches to the boxes. One of the major benefits of the addition of the window patch on the boxes is that onlookers will be able to see your hair wig’s quality without opening the box.


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