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Difficulties With Essay Writing and How to deal with them properly 

No one said essay writing is supposed to be easy. If you feel that you are alone in the world and aren’t very proficient in essay writing, trust us you are not. A lot of students need essay writing help. They need a helping hand in guiding them through their essay troubles.

We have tried to tackle some of the problems below: 


1. Unwillingness to take risks

All human beings have something in common. Humans avoid conflict. Avoiding conflict has had a significant impact on human survival. It has an evolutionary basis for it. However, that instinct manifests itself in ways one cannot imagine.

People fear taking even small risks. Such an issue can manifest itself in essay writing as well. When one does not take risks in their writing process, it can feel monotonous. Moreover, your essay can also feel bland, unoriginal, and generic.

However, a lot of students face the issue of this underconfidence.

2. The problem in making a good analysis

Breakdown and analysis are also some problems the student-folk face while writing an essay. Essay writing is the art of presenting a case or an idea. An idea is born when there is a problem statement. The idea is a hope that we will get out of it. However, we need to understand a problem properly before we can provide a solution to it.

To understand a problem, we need to break it down into simpler terms and concepts. The simpler unitary concepts should be simple enough for us to understand. However, a lot of students run into trouble with this step.

3. Time Management

Essay writing takes ample time. It’s a long and taxing workload. You have to sit down, think, and write out a string of around 1000-1500 words at the very least. Then, you also have to ensure that the entire thing makes a lot of sense, hits hard, reflects your personality, and is objectively unique.

Such an endeavor can be a lot to take in for anyone. Couple this with the impending deadline looming over all, and you have the combination to drive any student insane. There are so many things to perfect with so little time.

“How does one manage time for any of this without essay writing help?”- these are the kinds of things a student thinks in such a situation.

4. Avoiding plagiarism

Students need essays to be unique. Universities that students attend also need their essays to be unique. Everyone who is writing anything or creating anything wants their content to be unique. The cause is the issue of plagiarism.

Plagiarism is the act of copying someone else’s content without their permission. Many universities consider plagiarism a crime, and rightfully so.

But, when so many people are writing on the exact same topic, how does one ensure that it is unique of all?

5. Stuck without a structure

How will any entity look without its skeleton? We are sure some unsettling images come to mind. An essay has a very similar case to it. An essay without a proper structure will feel very disorienting. The structure of an essay is like the skeleton of its body. However, many students do not know how to structure properly.

Moreover, there is a problem of being stuck on an idea. A lot of students also face that.

How to deal with them

1. If you want to deal with your decision-making and risk-taking problem properly, there is no better way than to just go through it. Every student knows what they absolutely cannot write in an essay. You can very well refrain from that. The problem of unwillingness to take risks stems from uncertainties and fear.

If you want to win over them, you should close your judgmental mind and take one small “risk” with your essay. Bit by bit, you will notice that you will become much more experimental with essay writing, and consequently, much more able

2. Analysis and breakdowns are important. What is more important is that we understand how to do them properly. A good example to curb the problem is to regard is to think of chopping a big trunk of wood. So, when we have to transport a big trunk, we chop them up into manageable pieces. Hence, we take the larger problem statement of the essay and chop it up in the form of little sub-statements. We should make those mini-statements as simple as possible. We understand them first and solve the problem as a whole afterward.

3. You can also solve the problem of time management in a similar fashion. You take the large hour, but you chop It up into mini time limits of focused study. Don’t forget to give yourself little breaks in between. If this is not manageable for you, don’t hesitate to take the help of essay or speech writing services.

4. Solving the problem of avoiding plagiarism just takes one single step. You must make the essay personal. We, humans, are very similar to each other but at the same time, we are very different and unique as well. Your point of view is important and it matters. Hence, make the essay personal and uniqueness will automatically follow.

5. If you are stuck without a structure, there is a simple way to make one. Clear your mind of all thoughts and look at the topic once. Note down the first things that come to your mind. Once you do this, start filtering out the relevant and irrelevant ones from the list. To help with originality, you can also try to find connective tissue between the ideas you consider irrelevant and the essay topic.

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