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Delivering the ideal work-from-home care packages for employees

Dropping in to say “Hi!” is one of the best ways to show a loved one or employee how much you care. Check out our care packages for employees.

Whether it was a warm hello at the office or a lunch meeting at a coffee shop, you could make sure they understood they were important to you. We may have taken this time for granted in the past, but as working and socializing from home becomes the norm, it’s easy to feel disengaged. 

When we worked in the office together, it was second nature to make sure everyone felt like they were a part of the team, but when our only interactions were behind computer screens, we must be more creative with how we conveyed that we cared.

A tailored work-from-home care package is a terrific approach to show an employee or loved one that they matter when tiny in-person moments are missed.

Work-from-home care packages for employees can contain practical products to make working from home more enjoyable and self-care and entertainment items to help employees and loved ones get through these trying times.

Putting together a thoughtful care package shows that you care and makes these difficult times a little simpler and more enjoyable.

Consider including the following products in your work-from-home care packages for employees:


It has been proved in numerous studies to aid in the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. Tea is a nutritious treat to keep you going throughout the day when people are looking for self-care things today more than ever. Organic teas can give you the energy you need to get going in the morning, or a mainly picked soothing tea can help someone fall asleep. You can choose that one-of-a-kind customized tea for a coworker or loved one. Show how much you care by including a unique flavor or a variety pack in your work-from-home care delivery.


For a special treat, nothing beats a cupcake. You can’t go wrong with a specially chosen cupcake to tell someone you’re thinking about them, whether it’s an after-lunch treat or a dessert before bedtime. Many of the Baking Company’s cake jars come in mason jars, which may be used for everything from food storage to flower vases! You may personalize your present by choosing from a variety of cake jar flavor combinations in the shop. This means you can personalize your care box by selecting the flavors that your employee or loved one likes!


A good book is something that everyone enjoys. A good book has a way of drawing you in, making you think, exposing you to new ideas, or transporting you into a new fictitious universe. You may be hesitant to give someone more to read because they spend so much time on their screens these days reading endless emails, but don’t forget that books aren’t restricted to pages. Many audiobook firms deliver books directly to your smartphone, allowing you to listen while taking a break from reading. Many audiobook companies, especially for their subscribers, create their own content. When people are tired of staring at a screen, this could be a great item to include in their care packages for employees.

Mixes for muffins and scones

The aroma of freshly baked goods is unrivaled. Why not treat a coworker or a loved one to some freshly baked muffins or scones? Sending them muffin or scone mix also provides them with a fun weekend activity or a break from the virtual workplace. Baking is both calming and energizing, and the combinations include directions for a simple and enjoyable baking experience. Blueberry or banana muffins, as well as buttermilk scones, are available. Baking has never been more enjoyable at home!

Streaming Movies and Television

Every day, a new streaming service emerges, bringing with it more high-quality television shows, films, and documentaries to discover. When money is tight, individuals are canceling their streaming subscriptions in more significant numbers. Give them a gift card instead. That way, you’ll be responsible for the next month, two months, or perhaps a year. It also doesn’t have to be a present from a well-known corporation like Netflix. There are now more specialty channels than ever before. There are several streaming platforms specializing in horror series and movies for horror movie aficionados. Many services specialize in films for the documentary-loving employee or friend. Be inventive!


Being stranded at home is especially challenging for the employee or loved one who would like to sit in a small coffee shop, bring out their laptop, and work in a welcoming environment filled with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. While you won’t be able to create a unique coffee shop for them, you can give them freshly ground coffee in a bag. Choose gourmet flavors and combinations of the highest quality.

Include products with the company’s logo.

Include some corporate-branded presents in your work-from-home care packages for employees to round out the package. Send branded headphones or earbuds, or go with additional helpful items to use when working from home, such as a water bottle, notes, pens, or a comfortable hoodie, all with your corporate logo. It’s a terrific method to recognize your employees while also fostering brand loyalty.

Be inventive when it comes to packing.

Sending a care package in a sturdy, double-ply cardboard box is ideal, but don’t be afraid to get creative. Glitter, homemade crafts, ribbons, and anything else with individuality can be used. Of course, you can contact Culture Care to put together and ship work-from-home care packages for your staff. We can send it to any of your employees in the nation!

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