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Custom Rigid Boxes

Types of Custom Rigid Boxes

With the help of an experienced box-making company, you can design your custom rigid boxes in many ways. You can use various types of materials such as wood, Velvet, or Suede. You can also customize the printing and finishing of these boxes. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about space-hogging steel dies or expensive printing plates. Here are some of the most popular types of rigid boxes.

Printed Quality and methods

Lideal custom boxes packaging can be created in a number of ways. It can be created using all-in-one printing solutions, which enable the creation of highly detailed designs in a short time. Offset printing plays a vital role in the creation of custom rigid boxes, as it can help protect printed designs on paper or other substrate materials. Other techniques include foil stamping and 3D effects. This article examines the processes that go into the creation of luxury-style rigid boxes.

Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes are typically thicker than folding cartons and corrugated boxes. Their design is not printed on them and can range from greybeard to leather and fabric wrap. They also tend to be more expensive than other types of boxes. If you are buying luxury packaging for your business, you will want to consider investing in a velvet rigid box. These boxes are perfect for many reasons, including their elegant appearance and durability. But before you choose a rigid box, you should know what to expect.



Among the different types of rigid boxes, litho-laminate is the most popular, thanks to its durable and high-end look. These boxes are commonly used for electronics, small to medium-sized car parts, and other products that need to be protected and packaged with utmost care. Moreover, the material can be printed with foils, embossing, and matte or soft-touch lamination to make them more attractive to the consumer.

In addition to being versatile and cost-effective, litho-laminate rigid boxes also come with special applications. These include tear tapes, high-performance seal tapes, double-sided printing, and QR codes. This makes litho-laminate packaging the perfect choice for a wide variety of industries, including retail and point-of-purchase displays. This type of packaging is also highly customizable, allowing designers to incorporate their logos or other creative elements with ease.


When a customer sees a product in a beautifully-designed custom rigid box, they’re bound to want to touch it and inspect it further. By highlighting special features and creating an engaging experience, a customized rigid box helps retailers connect with customers on a human level. A custom rigid box is the perfect way to do this. Suede is one of the most luxurious materials available, so the perfect combination of the two materials will ensure that shoppers have an unforgettable experience.

If you want your boxes to be different, try using suede or a different kind of high-quality leather. Suede is the most expensive material to work with, but if you want to make a statement, a suede box is a great choice. You can choose from several different finishes for your custom rigid boxes, including gloss, matte, and aqueous. To make them even more unique, consider adding ribbons or other decorative features to your design.


For a more dramatic look, you can opt for Spot UV printing, which covers the entire box exterior, and highlights specific areas of visual content. You can also opt for magnetic lids to attract attention to your products. These lids have an interesting feature: they look like wooden lids, but open by pulling them in opposite directions. This allows them to be confused with wooden boxes. A magnetic lid has an attractive effect, which many consumers find enticing.

Custom Rigid Boxes

A beautiful product in a custom rigid box will entice shoppers to further examine it. An engaging experience with a stunning product will create an emotional connection. This is why it is essential to select a box that highlights the product’s features and adds value. Using custom rigid boxes will help you make an excellent impression on your customers. To make your product stand out from the rest, choose the right materials. Wooden rigid boxes can be both stylish and functional.


In the leatherworking industry, the traditional box provides the most protection for small items while providing the best presentation. This packaging option is made from 1.2 mm thick cardboard and wrapped with 115g Geltex paper. These boxes are fully recyclable and are a good choice for classic leatherwork products. It also offers excellent shock absorption and immaculate presentation for luxury leatherworks. Read on to learn more about the advantages of this packaging option. We’ll explore how you can create a unique box for your products.

While there are many types of rigid boxes, most packaging companies use chipboard for their products. Its robust construction makes it ideal for storing fragile and odd-shaped products. It also weighs less than corrugated cardboard and can be recycled endlessly. Custom rigid boxes are an excellent choice for retailers, brand names, and designers, as they can be custom-made to suit a client’s needs. Custom rigid boxes can also be made to complement modern and rustic designs.

High-grade paper

A rigid box can make your products look elegant and luxurious without breaking the bank. These Custom Boxes Wholesale are often customized for different purposes, including presenting your products and communicating information to your customers. They are durable, retail-ready, and storage-capable, and can be customized with a wide range of options, including texturized paper or even paper-backed fabric. High-grade paper is ideal for rigid boxes, as it offers high-quality protection while remaining affordable.

Custom Rigid Boxes

Grey specialty paper is a higher grade of paper, resulting in a luxurious appearance. Its high-grade color is perfect for rigid paper boxes, and its texture and finish add a higher perceived value. It’s also ideal for use in luxury packaging. Grey chipboard is widely used for rigid paper boxes, and it’s also available in metallic or textured versions. This paper is perfect for making luxury packaging products and cosmetics boxes.

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