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Cochlear Implant Surgery and Therapy in Children

Cochlear Implant Surgery

Before cochlear implant surgery can begin, your child must meet certain criteria. They must be healthy and have no medical conditions. After this evaluation, your child will be evaluated by multiple specialists to ensure that they are a good candidate. Audiologists will measure your child’s hearing ability and conduct hearing aid trials. Speech-language pathologists will assess how well your child is communicating. A pediatric otolaryngologist and a neurotologist will determine if your child is a good candidate for cochlear implants. Your family will be given clear instructions on what to expect next.

Your child will meet with an audiologist to evaluate their hearing with and without hearing aids. A speech-language pathologist and audiologist will perform a medical evaluation. An MRI or X-ray will need for this evaluation. If your child is a good candidate for cochlear implantation, you will need to undergo special procedures before an MRI. If your child doesn’t respond well to these procedures, you may need another procedure to replace your cochlear implant. In addition, you and your child will have to meet with a team of specialists to discuss your child’s progress and goals. You and your pediatrician will discuss how to manage your child’s post-operative care, as well as what to expect after surgery.

Outpatient Procedure or an Inpatient Procedure

In children, cochlear implant surgery may be an outpatient procedure or an inpatient procedure. Your child will receive general anesthesia. After surgery, your child will undergo frequent programming sessions with a speech-language pathologist and an audiologist. Your child will monitor for several weeks to ensure that they are experiencing good outcomes. There are no side effects of cochlear implant surgery.

The child will have a Cochlear Implant Team that consists of a cochlear implant surgeon, speech-language pathologist, child development specialist, social worker, and audiologist. Your child will be given a cochlear implant and frequent programming sessions with these professionals. Your child will also need hearing therapy and ongoing follow-up visits with these professionals. A hearing aid can help your child hear and speak, but it is not a cure. A child family firstly get info about the Cochlear Implant Cost In Pakistan because it is to important step.

Regular Programming Sessions

Your child will need to undergo frequent programming sessions after the cochlear implant surgery. The process will last about three months, and you will need to visit the hospital at least once every six weeks. You will be given regular updates by your doctor. The procedure will be accompanied by a social worker. Your child will also need to attend a speech and language pathologist and an audiologist.

Your child will have regular programming sessions with a cochlear implant team. You will evaluate before and after the surgery by the Cochlear Implant Team. Your child will have frequent monitoring sessions and follow-up appointments with these specialists to learn more about their new hearing aid ability. If you have children with severe hearing problems, you should be able to choose an appropriate Cochlear Implant for your child.

Team Will Evaluate the Child

You will meet with your child’s Cochlear Implant Team. The team consists of an audiologist, a speech pathologist, and a social worker. The team will evaluate your child’s hearing and speech skills to determine if he is a candidate for the surgery. Your child’s cochlear implant will last for life, and your family will be able to hear and talk with their cochlear implant.

The first step is a consultation. An audiologist will assess your child’s hearing both with and without hearing aids. Then, Dr. Najam will perform a thorough medical exam. X-rays and blood work may require to determine if your child is a good candidate. Your cochlear implant surgeon will guide you through the decision-making process. Afterward, your child will receive a cochlear implant, which will take two to three hours and require several weeks of recovery.


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