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Best 20 MPH Electric Scooters REVIEW

The quickest kinds of electric scooters may cause your palms to perspire more than anything else. The top speeds that electric scooters can go at have increased dramatically along with their popularity. Some of them are capable of absolutely incredible speeds, basically putting an end to the days when people thought of electric scooters as adorable toys.

You can locate a real mean machine here if you’re hunting for one. Let’s discuss the quickest electric scooters now on the market and when each would be appropriate for you, your situation, and your budget. Daredevils, hold on to your handlebars because this ride is going to be wild!

Fastest electric scooter on paper

The 20 mph electric scooter may already own the hypothetical championship belt as of January 2021. The manufacturer asserts that the most recent model can go at speeds of 100 mph (or 161 km/h).

Yes, you are not seeing things — an electric scooter is travelling at 100 mph! The scooter will have a detachable 80 mph/128 km/h speed limit when purchased.

The Rion2 RE90 has the most potent motor ever and is also theoretically the quickest scooter. In terms of price, it is the most costly scooter to date, coming in at $7400 ($7100 if you live in the USA).

Each scooter created by Rion is handmade. The time from the day you place your order until completion and delivery is 90 days.

I have no doubt that the RE90 can actually travel that fast given Rion’s repute as a brand. It’s even plausible that the scooter is entirely capable of hitting those speeds because, as you can see in the image above, it’s physically getting ready to race a racing car.

Fastest electric scooter under $3000

The Turbowheel Lightning+ can go up to 45 mph (72 km/h) thanks to its two 1200 Watt motors working together to create a combined real power of 2400 Watts and a peak power of 3600 Watts.

Due to the two engines’ great acceleration, climb angle, and weight restriction of 330 lbs. / 150 kg, this scooter is very adaptable and suited for many people seeking a high-end experience.

A scooter this fast needs the greatest brakes, and the Turbowheel Lightning+ has dual hydraulic Zoom disc brakes to meet that need.

The range of the scooter won’t be an issue either thanks to the LG 18650 battery, which has a 40 mile (64 km) range on a single charge.

Overall, the legendary Turbowheel Lightning improvement is well worth the few hundred dollars more. Both scooters are top-notch, but if you want a little more speed, the Turbowheel Lightning+ is the better option. See my in-depth review of the Turbowheel Lightning and Lightning+.

Where to buy the 20 mph electric scooter

The EWheels store is the best and most likely the only place in the US and Canada to purchase a Turbowheel Lightning or a Turbowheel Lightning+. Even if shipping is quick—it might only take a day—it isn’t always free.

Although the scooter is frequently unavailable in Europe, there’s a decent possibility RideFatDaddy has a few units on hand.

For a price of $1990, the 20 mph electric scooter  can reach vision-blurring speeds of 40 mph / 65 kmh, thanks to the dual hub BLDC motors with a combined peak power of 1800 Watts.

It Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

Electric scooters are becoming more and more common in cities and towns, and for good reason. They combine the comfort of a car with the versatility and environmental friendliness of a bicycle, making them the greatest way to go around town.

Choosing the best electric scooter may be challenging because there are so many factors to take into account.

Our electric scooter buying guide can help you decide exactly what features, from maximum speed to add-ons like cruise control and a useful folding mechanism, you need in an e-scooter. Your budget is the only thing left to consider.

Cheap electric scooters typically have a bad reputation due to subpar manufacturing practises that resulted in underpowered, potentially dangerous scooters. Thanks to substantial advancements in electric scooter technology, a wide variety of reasonably priced scooters with top-notch build quality are now available.

Best Cheap Electric Scooters

By adding larger tyres and a better maximum range, it improves upon the popular X7, ranking it among the best electric scooters available when price is taken into account.  Cheap scooters sometimes seem flimsy, and shaky handlebars are a growing problem for both new and experienced riders. The X7 Pro provides exceptional build quality with solid grips, a strong foldable tubular stem, and a detachable battery.

Because it feels dependable even when loaded to its 275 lb maximum weight capacity, it is an excellent option for big riders as well.

Overall, at this pricing point, the Turboant T7 Pro is a great purchase. It’s convenient, trustworthy, and has a long-lasting battery, making it ideal for your everyday commute to work.


  • Excellent acceleration and range
  • several safety features (LED head- and tail lights)
  • IP54 score
  • 10″ pneumatic tyres offer comfortable riding.


The dual-braking system gives you the stopping strength you need to avoid colliding with pedestrians or bicycles by using disc brakes at the back and an e-brake up front. With the dual-brake system, you can stop quickly while maintaining balance and control since both wheels receive adequate braking power.

We’ve found that air-filled tyres provide a better ride than tubeless tyres, especially on non-suspension scooters, and the 8.5″ air-filled tyres offer a smooth ride across most roads and enough traction so you’ll always feel in control.


As more manufacturers enter the market, selecting an electric scooter gets more challenging. However, even at the lesser end of the pricing spectrum, there are numerous options, and with a little time and research, you might find one that precisely meets your needs and expectations.

To make things simpler for you, we’ve compiled a list of the top cheap e-scooters that range in price from under $100 to roughly $600 each unit.

There are high-end options available. But they are not available at this price point. So if all you need is a means of transportation, practically any budget can usually be satisfied.

Speed And Motor Performance

The biggest difference between the two versions of the Unagi Model One is how the motor is set up. While the E500 variant has two motors totaling 500W, the E250 just has a single 250W motor. Despite the increased motor power, the top speed limit for both models is 17 MPH (27.4 KMH).

Top Speed Tests

I reached my highest speed of 17.07 MPH (27.47 KMH). When operating in dual-motor mode with a rider weighing 170 pounds (77 kg) on a level and even surface. Now, I discovered a “hidden” setting online that unleashes the device’s full speed capability.

What is described on the webpage. Since once I had the secret mode unlocked. I was able to reach a high speed of 19.57 MPH (31.49 KMH). It’s a welcome surprise in a market where overstating performance to remain competitive has very well been the standard.

How To Use The Secret Speed Mode (And Lock It)

When comparing the Model One’s max speed to other models. Its weight class, only some of the E-TWOW variants are faster. However, I would contend that I personally wouldn’t want to travel any quicker than the Model One can on a scooter with such a compact form factor.

  • Start the scooter up.
  • Simultaneously depress the throttle and brake.
  • Press the power button ten times quickly in a row while maintaining the brake and throttle in the down position.
  • A confirmation beep indicates that the scooter is completely unlocked.
  • To lock the scooter back into its original position, repeat steps 2-4.








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