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Basic Things You Should Know Before You Buy Modern Art Online

When it comes to interior decoration, we need to make a minimalist statement and a relaxing vibe. The wonderful display of paintings can bring life to a space.

When you wish to buy art online in India,several questions come to your mind, like what to buy. What about the ideal size? What should be the right colour scheme? Where to place it? Where to buy from? How much to spend?

Below are some of the basic things you should know before you buy contemporary art online for the first time.

●      Importance of research

Browse for different types of paintings with various forms and styles of art. Informing yourself regarding paintings helps give you a fair idea. Choosing the right piece is completely personal without being overwhelmed by other people’s opinions.

●      On choosing a location

Choosing the proper place matters. Remember, loud decoration stands in the way of refinement. Apart from positioning paintings high on walls, you can consider shelves, floor corners, bed heads, and tabletops to demonstrate an art object at low or leaning positions.

●      On chasing perfection

The space you choose must be flawless without any marks or cracks. In dark spaces, place a lightweight or bright-coloured sculpture. Whether a single piece will suffice or you need a collection depends on the quality and amount of your available space.

You can buy a collage of paintings in similar or varying sizes that look fantastic on your drawing room walls.

●      On fixing budget

If you have determined where to place your painting or have a rough idea of the size or scale, the next important thing is to deduce a budget. It is smart to set a budget when you buy modern art online. Crossing the limit of your budget will make you regret it later on.

●      Selecting a colour, theme, or an inspiration

Remember, your choice matters the most. Try to evaluate the works you see. Look after the space where you want them to be showcased. Get one depending on the theme running through your living room.

You can either complement or contrast. Buyers should have a proper understanding of their motivation and know the special characteristics of the artist they select. The paintings you buy must serve as an inspiration, and your sense of interior decoration must reveal your personality.

●      Buying what you love

When buying a painting for your drawing room decoration, know that your choice must make an emotional reaction and make the visitors think about it. The art piece may bring back some happy memories and associations. Feeling a personal connection with the purchase is satisfaction.

While buying a sculpture or painting, have a clear understanding of art. If a painting resonates with you and your thinking, you can surely go ahead to pursue it. Or else it would turn out to be a dull display.

●      Lighting the place up

Original paintings for sale look their best when they are brightly lit. Whether it is natural light or artificial gallery-style lighting, you should try to make a statement. Keep in mind that direct sunlight may spoil the fineness over time.

You can also consult a lighting expert to guide you regarding this.

●      Themes to choose

For your living room, you may choose a traditional look, an English countryside look, or ethnic style paintings depicting Krishna & Yashoda, Radha & Krishna, Indian festivals, ancient customs & traditions.

●      Regarding frame

The ‘Anti-Reflective Glass’ frame has an anti-reflection coating that enhances the visibility of the art and disperses light.

In case you need to frame the painting, you may choose the frame that blends well with the colour scheme of the wall painting & the living room décor.

To frame or not is your decision. Generally, a large canvas does not require a frame around it. Some artists continue to paint around the corners of their canvas. Make sure the frame colours do not overpower the colours. Neutral colours, too, are fine.

●      On choosing the seller

Paintings enhance the beauty of your living room. Check out the online store to buy your artwork. You can check the website and read blogs that provide sufficient information about the art and art seller. A secured transaction system and a fair structure of pricing help.

Creating the right balance helps to shortlist the paintings. Get a beautiful art collection for your living room from reputable online art sellers like

Going virtual is an added Advantage

There are various reasons why virtual galleries are making a creative escape for art lovers. Viewers and potential buyers can revisit any artwork as many times as they want without travelling to a physical place. People can buy art online in India when art is reaching them digitally at a time when establishments are locked down due to pandemics.

Advantages of virtual galleries

●      Provides authenticity

online art pieces come with a certificate of authenticity from the artist to make sure the painting is from a real artist and not an imitation.

●  Offers insurance and value for money

online paintings are certified by the manufacturer. You can know that art comes with a distinguished value.

●      Availability of Research

Using online mediums, you can learn more about an artist. Try to educate yourself about the origin, artwork, anecdotes, etc.

●      Legitimacy

At a time of social distancing, virtual art can bring people together. Purchasing paintings from a gallery you have never visited is full of risk. Remember, there are numerous ways you can build confidence in an online world. Find out the creators or promoters of the online store, learn their professional backgrounds, and evaluate the broker’s genuineness and skill.

Virtual galleries are legitimate. They give you a free hand over deciding the payment choices and enquire if the store is using a reputable payment gateway. They provide you with invoices too.

●      certificate of authenticity

Art has abundant positive energy and healing power. Virtual art galleries engage us. Remember, the certificates prove the authenticity of the art that justifies its validity.

●      Ensuring sale

A genuine virtual gallery offers you payment services and ensures sales. Online stores enable you and provide you with an opportunity to alter your mind when art arrives.

●      24/7 Customer Service

The benefit of collecting artworks from a virtual gallery is they answer your questions in no time.

●      Secured payment options

While you buy modern art online, make sure that your payment is protected and secured before checkout. Online stores like have all kinds of security to safeguard your payment.

●      Reliable Return policy

Virtual galleries maintain a systematic and useful return policy. Online portals also offer a complete refund provided that the painting has been returned undamaged at the purchaser’s expenditure within the stipulated time. 

Thus Virtual art galleries have various advantages when you plan to buy art online in India.

Other important factors to consider

You can choose a canvas that is made of Ivory sheets, Silk, Rice Paper, Cloth, Thick Paper, etc. Artists use materials like Charcoal, Fabric, Acrylic colours, Natural Colors, Oil Colors, etc.

The above are some of the painting ideas to help you choose the ‘right paintings’ and make your living room look more beautiful.

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