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A solution to extract attachments from PST files without MS Outlook

Extract attachments from PST files without MS Outlook

Extracting some attachments from a PST file is very easy. Just import a single PST file into Outlook and save the attachments from there.

But if you want to extract multiple attachments from multiple .pst files and you don’t have Outlook installed on your system. Currently, it seems very difficult to accomplish this task. Therefore, in this blog, we will be learning about the methods a user can follow to extract the attachments from their Outlook PST files. Let us first look at what exactly is the PST file.

What is a PST file?

Microsoft Outlook uses PST files to store and save all the necessary information such as calendar events, contacts, and e-mail messages. The PST file format is sometimes called Personal Folders, Offline Storage Table (OST), or Offline Folders when used as a cache in Outlook Exchange mode. The Microsoft Exchange email client, which later became Microsoft Outlook Designed to give users access to server mailboxes.
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In this blog, we will be learning about the methods following which a user will be able to extract the attachments from the PST files.

Easily extract your PST files using the PST Extractor tool

PST Extractor is one of the great options for users who want to reliably extract attachments from PST files without MS Outlook. The application is professionally tested. Users can use the tool and get reliable results every time. This PST extractor tool allows users to extract PST files in Outlook quickly and easily. The application offers a nice graphical user interface, so even a novice user can use it. Users can extract Outlook PST files without technical support. As a result, users may face corrupted data when they face oversized issues.
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Users can get accurate results every time they extract an Outlook PST file. Because the desired result is provided to the user by the application every time. This app allows users to browse files or folders from which to extract Outlook PST files. Moreover, the application does not take up much space in the operating system. Very compatible for users to use. This app manages all Outlook PST files systematically, so users do not face any hurdles in extracting the attachments from the PST files. A user can have a look at this advanced tool by downloading the free demo version that is available for all users.

Steps to extract the attachments

For extracting the attachments from the PST files using this advanced solution users have to follow the below-provided steps. Let us have a look at these steps:

  1. Install the Outlook PST Extractor Tool in your Windows Operating System
  2. Launch the app
  3. Choose the export type option at which you want to extract the Outlook PST files.
  4. Select the extension of your PST files.
  5. Browse the location for saving the extracted outlook PST files.
  6. At last click on the “Process Now” button


These steps are easy to be followed by any user without any kind of error. Also, a user ca do have a look at the screenshots that are provided by this advanced solution so that users do not face any hurdles.

Some prominent features of the app

Here are some of the amazing features that are provided by this advanced solution:

  1. Great accuracy: – With great accuracy, all the files are extracted from the PST files. Users are able to easily extract their choice files without facing any kind of data corruption or data loss.
  2. No error: – Without facing any error users can easily extract the attachments from the PST files. It is a reliable method for extracting the attachments from the PST files.
  3. Convenient to use: – The application can be used in any of the Windows Operating systems. From the old to the new version of the Windows Operating System this advanced tool can be used. The application is flexible in any of Windows’s OS.
  4. Easy to handle: – Users are able to handle this advanced PST Extractor app easily and conveniently. Every user from a tech or non-tech background is able to easily handle the app and extract the attachments.
  5. Scanning and previewing: – This advanced PST Extractor tool scans all the files that a user selects for the extraction process. This is done so that users are able to get a fully verify result every time.
  6. Selective extraction: – The app provides the advantage to select any amount of the PST files to be extract. Single or multiple PST files can be chosen by a user to be extract from the PST files.

And many more of these types of features are provided by the app in order to provide convenience to the users.


The blog deals with the method to easily follow the extraction of the attachments from the PST files. The tool is a professional and also smart way to extract the attachments from the PST files.

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