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Home Improvement

A Promise of A Lifetime

Designing your home is the best thing in anyone’s life. From the walls to the wardrobes, everything should be perfect. But, when it comes to choosing a material for wardrobes, shelves, or beds, it is a tough decision. There are various materials available for such furniture. But, plywood is undoubtedly the best material for all furniture needs.

Plywood is a wooden sheet that is formed by gluing the veneer sheets together. It is made under high pressure and provides an aesthetic appeal to furniture. Among plywood, various types of plywood are suitable for different purposes. It comes in different sizes, and a consumer can buy the sheet size as per the requirement.

Many consumers choose this product because of the benefits that it offers. Some of those benefits include economical, durability, eco-friendly, and flexibility. These benefits have made this material the first choice of many people. A user can also purchase this product in various thicknesses. Therefore, plywood material offers super strength as well.

So, if you are considering this material, then you should consider the following features of plywood. These tips will allow the plywood to last lifelong.

Plywood: Promise for Lifetime

  1. Borer and Termite-Proof

Plywood is a thin wooden sheet and is prone to borers and termites. But, many plywood manufacturers in India offer borer and termite-proof products. A quality plywood material should have this feature. It ensures the long life of the product.

  1. Warranty:

Warranty is the key feature that one should consider while purchasing plywood for their home. Plywood comes with different years of warranty. It ranges from 5-25 years. The products that have a warranty ensure that they will last long. Any problem with the product during those warranty periods can be communicated to the manufacturer. A manufacturer can easily provide better service during that period. Therefore, like you for other materials, see the warranty for plywood as well.

  1. Strength:

Plywood is a product that is going to be utilized in furniture like study tables, cupboards, or bed frames. Therefore, it requires strength. Plywood having less strength is not going to last long. Buy a product that has great strength. It will ensure the authenticity and originality of the product being good as well.

  1. Certifications:

When you purchase the plywood material, you should see the certification attached to that product. These certifications can be in terms of being borer and termite proof, fire-retardant, or waterproof. These all are important for the plywood. It is so because it is going to be glued with the furniture. Apart from this, a consumer should also see that the plywood material is complying with the government standards. To evaluate such, see the test reports and certifications.

  1. Unique specifications

Before you select a plywood material for your home, do see all the specifications for the product. Manufacturers like CenturyPly offer some unique specifications like ViroKill Technology, Waterproof, Firewall Technology, and more. Therefore, find such specifications, or directly head towards the CenturyPly products for reliable and original plywood.

CenturyPromise: An Application That Offers Transparency

CenturyPromise is an application that is designed to scan the QR codes mentioned on the CenturyPly ply boards. These codes have all the information about the product. A consumer can easily check the whole details with the CenturyPromise App. It is designed to provide benefits to retailers, contractors, and dealers.

This application is owned by CenturyPly, which is the best plywood manufacturer in India. Many consumers often stay worried about “how to check the plywood authenticity.” But with the CenturyPromise application, this confusion is easily solved. Consumers will get transparency in the purchased product.


Designing your home with plywood is the best decision one can make. Plywood is a material that is reliable and classy. Therefore, go for this product without hesitation. But choose CenturyPly manufacturer for a quality product. It is so because, with the CenturyPromise application, one can get full transparency about the product.

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