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7 Soft Skills To Look For While Hiring an Offshore Developer

An offshore developer is a software engineer tasked to carry out different software development projects from a remote location. The services may include web development, mobile app development, and others. 

Earlier, offshoring used to be about finding the right prices that were sustainable for companies based in the US and Europe. However, things have changed in recent times. While getting services at affordable prices is still one of the priorities, organizations – big to medium to small – are also focusing on finding the right talent for their businesses. They hire developers who would be dedicated to their projects and won’t juggle between multiple clients.

According to Deloitte’s global outsourcing survey, around 72% companies prefer outsourcing software development services than having their in-house development. Taking such an approach not only reduces infrastructure cost, saves time and improves productivity but also helps companies execute their projects efficiently. 

We list seven soft skills that companies look for while hiring an offshore developer:

Offshore developers must have relevant experience:

The primary skill which companies look for is whether a developer has the relevant experience to handle their project. For example, if your project is based on iOS mobile app, it might be ineffective to hire a developer who mostly has experience in Android app development. The golden rule is that a developer should have completed at least one project that was similar to yours. That way they will have the necessary skillset and experience and be better aligned with you and your şişli escort bayan needs.

Communication and curiosity regarding your project:

A good offshore developer would try to engage in detailed conversations with clients to ascertain their requirements and define ways to overcome challenges concerning the projects. They should be able to communicate efficiently and have clarity of thought. They would also try to constantly innovate and contribute to the design of the software by working with the clients. It shows their level of engagement and motivation for a project.

Time management capabilities:

The experience of working on various projects and for different clients enables offshore developers to accurately measure the amount of time they need to complete a task. This ensures on-time delivery of software products to the end-customer and thereby gives an edge to the organization over their competitors. Therefore, time management skills and ability to meet deadlines become one of the pre-requisites when a company is hiring a developer.

With a dedicated development team in place, parent companies also don’t need to invest time on project management issues. The enterprises save time on training new employees too as every offshore developer already possesses the required skills.

Access to technology:

Offshore development companies constantly keep upgrading themselves. Often their engineers are well-versed with the latest technologies, which help them to code and build powerful systems more effectively. However, you must be vigilant enough to understand whether these tech updates are aligned to your project while hiring a developer. If the hired developer doesn’t have access to technology required for your work, the overall exercise might prove to be futile.

It is also important that the developers are willing to learn new tech apart from leveraging existing codes to generate new ones through their infrastructures and libraries.


Software development is a detail-oriented job and requires certain dedication and skills. When firms are under pressure to deliver and delegate tasks to a resource, who is not that well-equipped or experienced to perform it, they are most likely going to make a mistake. But most offshore development companies employ highly-skilled and committed workers who are used to handling all kinds of projects and clients. Given their exposure to various projects, the engineers develop specific knowledge in a particular field and can overcome challenges easily. Companies are constantly on the lookout for these experts who would be able to deliver high-quality work consistently and with precision.


Companies often face difficulties while handling large-scale projects with limited resources and making significant changes in the technology stack for a project. So they want to hire a developer who can easily meet their objectives and supply them with necessary resources if the volume of work increases. An effective offshore developer must be equipped with the right project management and team collaboration tools to adjust to any kind of change and deliver projects seamlessly.

Data security:

When you outsource your software development services, it is important that your data is well-protected because your product, app or software is unique. While the dedicated resources keep a regular tab on all data, emails and information, the third party service providers follow and implement security protocols that help them meet standard regulations. A company is always mindful of this aspect while hiring an offshore developer.

Offshore development services to India:

Asia has around 4 million software engineers with India, China, and Philippines being the trailblazers. It is India, though, which leads the show with 2.75 million skilled developers followed by China and the Philippines with 590K and 190K developers respectively. Another reason why India is a popular outsourcing destination for big enterprises is because hiring offshore developers in India costs you around $19–$40 per hour which is significantly lower than that of the US and UK and other countries. For example, an average hourly rate for a senior developer in the US is between $65–$130 per hour. With India putting more emphasis on IT and English education, these engineers are more than capable to bridge the resource gap. If you are a firm in the US or UK, you can always get access to a larger talent pool at affordable rates.


According to Glassdoor, unfilled jobs in the US tech market add up to a value of around $20.1 billion. In the UK, companies are unable to find skilled workers with the digital skills gap costing their economy £63 billion a year. But hiring an offshore developer can help bridge this gap. Apart from gaining access to a large pool of resources, companies can also save on costs, increase productivity and operational costs. The professional expertise of offshore developers will ensure that there is no compromise on the quality of work while delivering projects on time. 

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