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6 Ways To Write Product Descriptions That Sell

How frequently has it occurred to you that reading the description of a product persuaded you to buy something that you had been debating acquiring for a considerable amount of time? To put things into perspective, this is the power of a well-written product description. It can swiftly scale up your sales funnel, which is helpful for owners of online stores, and it can help you get rid of cart abandonment, which is a key worry that many online retailers encounter. (product features)

The marketing writing that describes everything there is to know about a product is referred to as the “product description.” It is the most essential component of selling products over the internet. A poor product description might cast doubt in the mind of a potential buyer, and even if the product itself is exceptional, this may not be enough to persuade the client to give it a try. This takes us to the topic for today, which is how to write effective product descriptions that will result in sales.

Methods that have shown to be successful in writing product descriptions that sell(product features)

A decent product description doesn’t always require lengthy explanations of its features. Any description of a product should have as its primary objective the capability of providing the prospective buyer with as many details as are practicable that will be of use to them. The following are some useful methods for accomplishing that:

1. Have an understanding of the desires of your clientele.(product features)

Knowing exactly what it is that your clientele is looking for is the Holy Grail of running a successful online retail enterprise. In addition, the length of the description is not required as was stated earlier. Take for instance these women’s thermals offered for sale by the business Kosha, which specializes in producing winter travel attire for males, females, and children of all ages.

Consequently, before you begin to write down product descriptions, you should first ask the following questions to yourself:

  • To what subset of consumers are you targeting your marketing efforts with these products?
  • What information about your product do your customers wish you would include in the description?
  • What are the aspects of the product that would most pique their interest?
  • If a customer liked your items, how likely is it that they would recommend them to their friends?

2. Advantages of the Product(product features)

The advantages of the product are the next significant factor. Customers are typically more interested in learning about the advantages that a product offers rather than the mundane particulars of how it works. A consumer who is interested in purchasing a health or beauty product, for instance, would be more interested in understanding the benefits of the product than they would be in learning the product’s packaging or measurements. Take a look at this herbal soap that was developed by Fuschia, a firm that specializes in natural and handmade cosmetics for the skin.

3. Customers love details

A powerful product description should be an all-inclusive bundle that not only defines the product but also educates you about the benefits of using the product while also packing an emotional punch. After all, in order for consumers to make a purchase, they need to feel emotionally compelled to do so.

4. Establish a connection with your native tongue

To ensure that their clients have a pleasant shopping experience, businesses invest thousands of dollars and millions of rupees on expanding their customer service departments. Imagine being greeted warmly by a store associate who takes the time to very carefully describe the qualities and advantages of the product you are interested in purchasing to you. Wow, doesn’t that sound incredible? It makes the process of picking a product a lot less difficult to do. How about you perform the same feat of enchantment on your online shopping platform? How are you even able to achieve that? Writing product descriptions in a language that is appropriate for your users, a language that is captivating, and a language that allows the buyer to feel a greater human connection with your goods even when they are miles away.

5. Improvise utilizing power words

The proverb “the tongue is mightier than the pen” appears to apply very well in this situation. In a world where the product description may literally make or break your business, utilizing words to entice customers into purchasing a product is a fantastic concept. This is especially true in the world of virtual reality.

The following is a synopsis of the most influential power words of David Ogilvy as provided by Neil Patel:

  • Suddenly
  • Now
  • Announcing
  • Introducing
  • Amazing
  • Sensational
  • Revolutionary
  • Miracle
  • Magic
  • Quick
  • Hurry

Make use of a combination of these terms while framing the description of your goods, and watch as more and more buyers buy.

6. Optimise your description for SEO

Maintaining the relevance of the SEO is just as critical as luring in buyers with the product description you provide, which is very significant. The abbreviation “SEO” refers for “search engine optimization,” and what it does is assist you in attracting more visitors to the organic material that you publish on the internet. The mechanism behind it all is quite fascinating. Google is using crawler and any other search engine you use to collect all of the information on the internet. An algorithm is then used to rank all of the search results in accordance with the information that was collected.


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