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6 Medical Survey Forms to Help in Better Patient Experience

Medical Survey Forms

It’s no secret that to retain patients and further our professional, we as doctors need to improve our patient experience surveys. But this process can be hard. There is so much information available that it might be daunting.

The problem is if we’re not improving our surveys, then the bottom line is that we’re going to have unhappy patients, lower patient satisfaction scores, and ultimately, we will be seeing fewer patients. 

What’s interesting about patient experience is how technology closes the gap and impacts patient care? We’re talking about our patients, healthcare providers, and the many teams in between that can help build amazing experiences.

What are medical survey forms?

A medical survey form is used to gather information about the healthcare quality of a patient. This form or questionnaire is sent out by an insurance company, hospital, or healthcare to individuals who have recently received medical treatment from the provider.

Medical survey forms are an effective, non-invasive way to gather information from a large number of people. Medical survey forms are also known as medical questionnaires or patient satisfaction surveys

These surveys are designed to assist medical professionals in assessing the quality of care for different illnesses and conditions.

So, I would take some time and share the six medical survey forms that I’ve come across that can help us all get better at surveying our patients! 

List of some medical survey forms for a better patient experience:

  • A patient satisfaction survey form:

What is the patient satisfaction survey form?

The patient satisfaction survey forms determine how well patients are served at your medical practice. The expression “how well” refers to the level of care offered and the patient’s happiness with their treatment.

It is a quality-of-care indicator that provides healthcare practitioners with vital information on various topics, including their care effectiveness and level of understanding.

Patient satisfaction survey form with intelyForms (Medical survey forms):

Yes, it is possible with intelyForms. We provide a service to create a patient satisfaction survey form with a customized feature. It helps to know about the patient’s point of view about your healthcare organization.

intelyForms are easy to use and design according to your requirements. Whatever fields you want, you can add to them. 

  • Medical Survey Response Form:

What is the survey response form?

Responses from survey participants are collected using the survey response form. The response format is determined by the survey response options offered in the questionnaire.

In simple terms, an online survey response form helps you collect feedback on your products and services from consumers and visitors. As a result, it helps you improve your services and promote your brand.

Survey response form with intelyForms:

For that type of survey response form, intelyForms is the ideal option. A survey plugin that enables creating bespoke surveys simple. Obtaining feedback and ratings from your visitors is a great way to learn about their requirements and grow your healthcare organization.

  • Patient feedback survey form:

What is a patient feedback survey form?

Patient feedback surveys are supposed to help you create a better patient experience. Right? Most of the time, though, they don’t. 

Instead, they distract from your core mission and make your patients less likely to refer you. It is a sure-fire way for your visitor to bounce and lower your conversion rate. 

Patient feedback form with intelyForms:

It’s easier than ever to design a captivating and engaging feedback form with intelyForms. But, first, you will need to download a feedback form template, customize it to your specifications, and publish it.

  • Child health survey form:

What is a child health survey form?

A child health survey form is a questionnaire given to parents to help assess their child’s development and growth. In addition, the government uses the information to help identify whether they fulfill their legal obligation under the Child Health Act 1949.

Child health survey form with intelyForms:

A child health survey uses to assess the behavior and health condition. It includes questions about their physical health that all scored on a Likert scale. Go paperless with intelyForms and have instant access to online surveys. 

Additionally, online forms lessen your practice’s environmental impact. Stay attentive and informed with real-time notifications and alerts whenever a form is submitted.

  • Clinical survey form:

What is a clinical survey form?

A clinical survey form is a document or questionnaire created by a medical professional designed to collect data from patients and their families. Surveys are useful for many reasons, but there are a couple of primary uses.

Clinical survey form with intelyForms:

A clinical survey form is a highly accurate and detailed assessment completed by the patient after visiting a client in the hospital. For your needs to save time, here’s an approach to publishing surveys within intelyForms. 

You’ll have all the vital information you need at a click of a button when you integrate your clinical survey form with intelyForms.

  • Health survey form:

What is a health survey form?

A health survey form is a way to collect information about how people perceive their health. Those asked to fill these forms will usually provide more detailed and valuable information than they would through other surveys. 

This type of survey form helps you collect data from multiple individuals at once, which means you can quickly gather a huge amount of feedback.

Health survey form with intelyForms:

The health survey form with intelyForms is filled by a user in the system, and it will send to the email of the person who needs it. The user can select one or more entities and get responses to questions about them.


Our mission at intelyForms is to create a frictionless survey experience for businesses and individuals. So, intelyForms shows you a super-easy way to create your online surveys in minutes. So, are you ready to start?

Schedule a demo with our technical team if you are facing any trouble while creating a form, or you can also take help with our tutorials. 

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