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6 Best Android Reddit Apps for Your Mobile Device


Joey works alongside the official Reddit app and Relay. This app is very good and offers more features than any other Reddit android app. There are a lot of configuration options. Well, you might get lost in there. But if you fine-tune everything to your liking, you’ll have a great experience. The dark mode is also supported here.

The app has a built-in video downloader, but you can double-click a post to vote for it. You can choose between top and bottom navigation layouts, but you can also take advantage of immersive fullscreen mode. A powerful text editor is also part of the live formatting experience. You can also choose from several different layouts and adjust them. Joey is definitely worth a try.


Boost for Reddit is very popular with users. While the app has great performance, it also brings a lot of customization to the desktop. The app also offers a lot of functionality for tables, but it’s not overkilled. You can choose from thousands of theme color combinations. So if you want to use Reddit android apps with a specific color combination, this is the way to go. For developing ads for android apps, you can hire a book marketing services team.

Here you can also choose from a variety of layouts such as cards, mini cards, image galleries, compact lists, and more. Content is downloadable, but you can also filter posts by content. Widgets are also included in the package, but you also have access to moderation tools, as well as access to subreddit moderators. You can also customize the font type, size, and color. You can also save theme presets.

Bacon reader

If you’re looking for a Reddit android app with great widget support, Bacon Reader is for you. This app comes with multiple widgets to choose from. You can use rotate, scroll, and subreddit widgets. You might like at least one of them. Widgets aren’t the only thing this app excels at. The app also has quite a few features.

Comes with a color-coded comment thread to choose from a light theme, a dark theme, and a dark theme (background). Multiple font sizes are available, but the tablet’s split-screen mode is also available. Various layout options are available, including list view, card view, and slideshow mode. It includes a formatting toolbar, but advanced search functionality is also part of the package. These are just some of its features.


Now one of the most beautiful Reddit android apps on the Play Store. Of course, we’re talking about that UI. Everything looks very nice and easy to access. If you’re not looking for a lot of features and you want a nice UI at the same time, this might be the way to go. Just make it clear. It’s not a completely minimal app right now, and it includes some non-standard features that you might be interested in.

You can easily swipe left or right to move between subreddits. GIFs can be saved for offline viewing while the app offers full Reddit email support. You can vote, comment, hide and save posts. The app also provides proper sync support so you can easily sync between devices. It also comes with a fairly capable text editor in case you send comments too often.


Sync is another solid option for Reddit android apps. The app supports multiple accounts while also offering a beautiful UI. Speaking of UI design in general, it reminds me of Relay. This is a good thing. All the basic functions and some more advanced ones are also included here. You can select several customization options from here.


Slide for Reddit is great for tablets. The app comes with configurable columns and a pop-up review view, so it’s fully optimized for tablet viewing. Note that these are Pro features but not available in the free version of the android apps. If you use Reddit a lot on your tablet, it might be worth buying the Pro version. Speaking of Pro features, the app also offers ad blocking for websites.

Slides is a very nice app overall. The user interface is excellent, and the same applies to its performance. It offers some data storage options, but there are plenty of theme options to choose from, including a true black AMOLED theme. You can switch accounts while typing comments. You can also view and delete your browsing history.

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