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5 Ideas to Make Your Bathroom Luxurious

Hand-made ceramic tiles

Renovating a home takes a fair amount of energy and resources. And if you have not yet planned everything in advance and have not prepared for it properly, then even more so. This is especially noticeable in the case of a bathroom renovation, so it is very important to first decide what exactly you want!

As simple as it sounds, most homeowners often change plans on the go, and this can end up leading to inconsistencies in bathroom decor or a waste of time and resources.

The comfort of a spa resort, the aesthetic pleasure of exquisite materials such as hand-made ceramic tiles, high-quality sanitary ware – all these are the components of luxurious bathrooms. How to make your bathroom a luxury space and not go broke? It is enough to follow just a few principles. So here are some rules and modern ideas for making your bathroom luxurious.

  • Use expressive colors. Ruby red, sapphire blue, deep emerald or real gold? The modern market allows you to pick up luxurious-looking materials even in the budget price segment.
  • Choose natural textures. Try to use real stone or wood, but if that’s not possible, choose affordable ceramic or porcelain tiles that imitate natural textures.
  • Another great material is mosaic. The exquisite play of light on its small pieces is a treat for the eyes. Finishing even a small area – for example, the accent area above the bathroom, you can significantly ennoble the appearance of the room.
  • If the area of the bathroom allows, some areas that are far from flying splashes can be pasted over with washable wallpaper. They look like a much warmer and more welcoming material than tile or stone and therefore create the delightful cozy feel of a living room.

Choose unusual shapes

  • Choose unusual shapes. This applies to both plumbing and mirrors. It should be noted that rounded shapes are more comfortable for perception than aggressive angular ones, and therefore more pleasing to the eye.
  • An element of solemnity will be introduced by replacing the standard minimalist lamps, familiar to the look of the bathroom, with crystal chandeliers. There is something of palace pomposity and Hollywood chic in this.
  • The atmosphere of a spa resort can always be brought in and maintained through decor, live plants, dried flowers, or flower arrangements. Orchids – live or artificial – do an excellent job with this work.
  • Hang pictures or photographs in the bathroom. One large or several paintings that form a coherent composition – you choose.
  • The “expensive” effect always has an eternal style – a classic. Its timeless sense of harmony and 100% elegance bring comfort and serenity.

Ceramic tile floor

  • Ceramic tile floor. Yes, wood flooring in the bathroom is trendy. But even more, fashionable and durable ceramic tile floors, as the choice of tiles is very large, you can choose both color and pattern. Ceramic tile is a great flooring solution that will last you a long time in your bathroom, even when you want to change the style and color of your bathroom.
  • Metal accents. Metal accents in the bathroom can be embodied in various forms. The easiest way to change the look and feel of a bathroom is to change the faucets. You can also replace old cabinet handles with new ones using the same metal on all cabinets. This will help create a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.
  • Spacious shower cabins with a spray a la “rain”. It may not be the most popular choice for bathrooms this year, but a shower head that creates a rain effect is something that many will appreciate. Recent studies have shown that such a showerhead contributes to even more relaxation, so it is starting to become very popular.

Bright chandelier

  • Bright chandelier. Not so long ago, a chandelier in the bathroom was considered something “Victorian and outdated.” Now, this solution is seen as a sign of luxury and style in the bathroom. Any bathroom will be appropriate, be it a cascading chandelier or just a more modern and elegant model, the choice will depend solely on the style of the bathroom itself.
  • Neutral background. In itself, this may seem like an unusual solution, but you should not paint the walls in bright colors. A neutral bathroom in white, gray, or soft yellow is the perfect solution, and if it seems boring to you, you can add a few accent colors. This approach also allows you to switch between styles without much effort or expense. These bathrooms have a lot of potentials.

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