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4 ideas for Customized Lingerie Products Packaging Boxes for Building Brand Recognition

‘Lingerie’ is an old word from 1922 which was used for bras and underwear’s.

The casual meaning of this word is visually appealing and erotic clothing.

The lingerie products are women oriented clothing.

These products are used by women for different purposes like sun bathing, swimming and wearing under the apparels.

It won’t be wrong to say that it is a beauty enhancing product which has also become a symbol of glamor and style.

To sell such product the packaging of these product must also be made attractive and appealing.

A stylish and differentiating packaging can push up your brand image and build recognition.

Every industry has its own competitions to face which are increasing day in and day out.

The lingerie industry is also filled with such tough competition.

You can choose the most effective packaging techniques to outrun this competition.

Packaging becomes a defining statement between the brands.

This is because people like to buy such products which are representing class and style.

You can get completely customized packaging boxes and bags for your brand to sell your products more efficiently.

Your packaging boxes and bags can help in building recognition among the customers.

Especially female customers are observed that they like to carry the merchandised bags and packaging boxes out of the clothing outlets.

Such women unintentionally act as your brand ambassadors.

This merchandised packaging’s can also help in attracting those buyers which are potential customers but were unknown to your brand before.

Rigid boxes with gold/silver foil stamping

Lingerie products have different quality of fabrics and materials used which starts from reasonable prices to highly expensive products.

The packaging of such products enhances the look of your products.

Hence, you can choose to make customized lingerie packaging boxes in a rigid material with foil stamping options.

Magnetic closure book style boxes with die-cut window

You can get 2-piece rigid boxes in different shapes to pack these beautiful lingerie products.

with the help of these boxes your products are properly displayed in an appealing manner.

Furthermore, you can add a silk padding inside these boxes to give your lingerie

products that soft and smooth support to keep in place.

The outer side of these boxes can be prepared in a simple way using single color based on the theme of your brand or the edition basis.

For adding an exclusive look your brand name, logo and basic information related to the product can be printed with gold/silver foil stamping.

A single colored box with foil stamping will make your product look elite and classy

Lingerie is a daily use product for women.

Women might have collections of such products.

managing this collection could sometimes be a problem for them.

here you get a chance to again win the competition by offering them

lingerie products in a magnetic closure style boxes.

You can get these boxes in cardboard, paperboard and rigid materials.

The style of these boxes is same like a book which can be added with partition inserts to sell a pack of bras or underwear’s together in a single box.

With help of magnetic closure on these boxes the lid remains closed.

Moreover, these book style boxes can be added with a die-cut transparent PVC window.

Though this window the packed lingerie can be viewed clearly.

Such boxes end up in the wardrobe collection of women,

which helps them in recalling your brand each time they open their wardrobe.

You can choose multiple printing options to enhance the beauty of these boxes.

the partitioning inserts make specific columns for each products to be placed and displayed properly.

Magnetic closure book style boxes with die-cut.

Cardboard bags with beautiful artwork

Cardboard is a biodegradable material which can be easily decomposed.

Using such packaging material for your products has multiple benefits.

This is a cost effective, eco-friendly and appealing method for you brand. Lingerie is often found in lose packaging also for such scenarios you can choose to get cardboard bags. These bags allow you to display all your branding information in an eye-catching way.

The hand bags not only serve the purpose of carrying the products but it carries the name of your brand wherever the customers go with it. You can get these bags designed with an attractive artwork and place you brand name on them which will help in building brand recognition. These bags can be laminated with multiple finishes like gloss, matte or spot UV to make their appearance more appealing.

Sleeve boxes with embossing or debossing options

Sleeve boxes are a pullout style boxes which have two parts, an outer cover which is wrapped around the inner part which is like a drawer or a tray. You can get these boxes in rigid, cardboard and paperboard materials. These boxes can represent high quality of your product. this unique style of boxes can also help in building your brand image and cause an urge in the customers to buy your products.

You can get these boxes printed with different techniques to enhance the beauty of the product. Embossing and debossing are one of those printing options. You can get your logo or brand name embossed or debossed on the boxes with a background floral artwork. these boxes can be added with silk lining inside the box to give a further premium look to the boxes. The rising market competition needs differentiating strategies to make the brand outshine and earn maximum brand popularity and a boost in profits.

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