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3 Benefits of CenturyExteria

CenturyExteria is one of the leading plywood brands in India that has earned the trust of many architects and homebuyers. With its diverse exterior solutions, it assures reliability and quality. Besides, it also guarantees high impact resistance, strength, and dimensional stability. But is that all? As a high-quality decorative product, CenturyExteria has many other features that make it a top choice among users. These features make it stand out in the competition and establish itself as a top brand.

Assuming that you are curious to learn more about the features of Century Exteria, here is a quick guide that talks about the top 3 advantages that make it reliable and worth investing in.

1] Fire Retardant

While purchasing an exterior wall cladding, you would want it to enhance the look of the house and protect you from unwanted events such as fire. Therefore, you would want to purchase good-quality solutions to serve the same purpose. However, not every plywood brand can assure you safety during such prime times. But CenturyExteria does!

A key benefit of using CenturyExteria solution is that it is a perfect fire retardant. It has special fire-retardant chemicals that are capable of resisting fire during an outbreak. Also, it reduces the chances of spark, ignites and smoke generation.

It can shield your house from unexpected situations like fire outbreaks and keep you and your family safe from a disaster. Moreover, it can provide all-around protection to the wall and keep the elegance and the look of the house intact. In short, it can give you the experience of both worlds – Style & Protection.

2] Double Durability

The product strength is another important benefit of CenturyExteria. While looking for a product, you would want it to be durable and long-lasting. Also, you would like to invest in something worth the money.

CenturyExteria products are generally quite strong since they are brought from Japan and Europe before they are sold in the market. However, what makes them extra strong is the use of double hardened resin over the product surface. The resin is hardened through a tedious process. It is then coated on both sides of the laminate to make it exceptionally strong to fight against any obstacle such as weather conditions, damage, and more. It also protects the wall from UV rays and rain. In addition, the resin has certain chemicals that ensure that the products stay for long. Since this feature is not present in many brands, this reason alone makes CenturyExteria exceptional than the others.

3] Perforation Exterior Wall Cladding

Besides safety, durability, and longevity being the prime concern, everybody wants the wall cladding to appear beautiful and attractive as well. Everybody desires that they have an appealing wall cladding than their neighbours. For this reason, many people prefer perforation-friendly exterior wall cladding. From intricate to effective designs, they prefer perforated walls to depict architectural innovations in their household.

Since this is a new and unique idea, not many manufacturers provide this service. Luckily, CenturyExteria provides this benefit to ensure complete satisfaction among its loyal customers. Besides, we follow the trend and give as much variety as possible to enable customers to use our service. We keep the best pick for all generations in the stores so that it can feed everybody’s desires. Undoubtedly, it is one of the premier plywood brands in India.

Now you know what the top 3 benefits of using CenturyExteria are. Apart from giving the house the aesthetic appeal it requires, wall cladding panels also provide protection, safety, and durability at affordable prices. So, without much waiting, if you want to give an exclusive look to your walls, CenturyExteria is unquestionably the best choice to choose from.






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