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3 Awesome Features of Custom Packaging boxes for Eye Makeup

Products having direct contact with human body should be Eco-friendly packaging Boxes.

the Beauty products are high in demand. other People love to buy catchy beauty items especially

eye products like eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, eyebrow pencil, contact lenses etc.

Customized packaging is a must for cosmetics as it plays a key role in making and promotion of any cosmetic brand.

Its Packaging should be durable, decent, sleek and alluring.

You can print very catchy designs which hit the feelings of the customers and convince them to buy these products.

Some features of customized packaging are described as.

Protection and safety of product, Eco-friendly packaging and brand logo,

Customer attraction and stylish look of products, Brand identification, Easy Shipment of products

Eye make-up products packaging

Beauty eye products like eyeliner, mascara, eye-shades etc.

must look stylish and their color should be displayed in packaging

so that customer can check the exact shade of color. Secure packing is done by all of beauty

product companies in the world. Personalized packaging is most important for pleasant unboxing experience

it is made according to the need of the product. Special features of these boxes like good material,

best style& alluring shape and beautiful designing make them appealing.

Beautiful ads-on and colors are helpful to make their unboxing experience very pleasing.

Informative La-belling of Custom Boxes

Every eye beauty product should be properly labelled. Customized packaging has brand name,

ingredient, expiry, direction for use and other information about eye products.

All these features make them important in marketing of eye beauty products.

Excellent Choice of Material

Custom packaging of eye makeup products needs to be durable, Eco-friendly and alluring to get customer attention.

All features are possible by using most suitable material for custom packaging.

Kraft and cardboard are two best options for Eco-friendly, durable and attractive packaging.

These materials are strong and protect fragile eye makeup products from damage.

These materials are recyclable and provide Eco-friendly packaging.

Beautiful designs and finishing effects are possible on cardboard packaging which looks premium and attractive.

This will lead to brand identification. Materials is very important in custom packaging.

They fulfill all the requirements of good packaging. Their role is great in making them attractive.

Kraft is highly durable and 100% Eco-friendly. It gives strength to packaging.

Cardboard and others like rigid stock are very strong and Eco-friendly.

They are more famous for giving premium look to these customized packaging.

These materials make designing and printing easy.

are possible to add on them.

All this leads to brand identification and helpful in marketing of product.

Attractive Custom box Style and shapes

High quality product and its quality packaging is a must for increasing sale of beauty products.

customers have high demands these days.

Alluring style and shapes of customized packaging play a key role in making them attractive.

They can be made in any size, style, shape or design as per customer demand.

Some important and alluring styles and shapes are listed as below.

Variety of shapes offered for custom eye beauty product boxes

Customized boxes come with many shapes from longitudinal to any shape what customers demand.

Custom print boxes are made in many shapes.

Some common shapes ideal for custom eye beauty product boxes are mentioned as;

  • Rectangular
  • Hexagonal
  • Cube
  • Longitudinal

Cube or rectangular shape is most common for them.

Whatever is the shape of eye product packaging, attractive window-inserts and foam or other

partition features improve it greatly. Packaging should have colors that match color of beauty product.

It will make easy access to the customers. They love to buy high-end beauty products.

How ever, these boxes can be customize in any size, shape etc. according to customer need.

Different styles of boxes give durability and alluring features to eye products.

Auto-lock bottom is most used box style for these eye products. Use of hang tab,

window-inserts and partitions make all styles attractive.

They make the packaging outclass and attract customers quickly.

Females customers are beauty conscious. They like premium beauty products.

Customized packaging plays a very crucial role in attracting customers for brand awareness.

Customized style with different outlook may increase the quality of packaging.

Stylish Designing & Printing of Custom Eye beauty product Boxes

Designing and printing are very important in making customized boxes alluring.

eye shadow and other eye products.

Use of digital and offset printing with PMS/CMYK make these boxes alluring and noticeable in the market.

Amazing ads-on effects like Embossing, gloss and others with bright colors make custom boxes premium and luxurious.

Some attractive finishing effects are gloss/matte lamination, gold or silver foiling,

embossing & de-bossing, UV coating, foam inserts, window inserts and many others.


Customized packaging is very important for eye beauty products like eyeliner, eye shadow,

mascara and others. They are essential for attracting customers.

These boxes give a premium look to the products.

High quality packaging tells about quality of product too. It makes brand identification in the market.

Meta tag Description

Customized eye beauty product packaging boxes are very important in marketing of eye beauty items.

They should be durable and Eco-friendly.

Their premium features allure customers to buy products and leads to brand recognition.



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