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One of the most common health issues in Singapore today is hearing loss. Even though over 20 million individuals worldwide have hearing loss, many people refuse to acknowledge it since it is painless and undetectable.  


This is why, on the road, you will see more and more elderly people wearing hearing aids, because it can effectively relieve the discomfort caused by hearing loss problems.


Exposure to loud noises is one of the most frequent causes of irreversible hearing loss. All ages are susceptible to noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL), defined by a failure of the capacity to detect high-frequency noises. This type of hearing loss is caused by noise exposure and decibel level. Farmers, employees, and family members risk NIHL due to excessive noise exposure and poor hearing protection.




Cornell Farm Safety Research Team and Dryden Sertoma Club tested hearing at Empire Farm Days in 1993. Each volunteer’s hearing was evaluated for NIHL, and a licenced audiologist provided them recommendations.


50% of the 182 participants in the screening have NIHL to some extent, it was discovered. Nearly 76% of these individuals either resided or worked on a farm. Some of the screening outcomes from the farm participants are presented below.


36 farm women were tested, and 22% of them (eight) displayed NIHL symptoms. The fact that none of the eight ladies wore hearing protection while working on the farm may indicate that family members are unaware of how important it is for everyone to do so. 


The 125 guys who were evaluated revealed that 78% (97) were connected to farms and that 63% (61) of these individuals had NIHL. Compared to farmers without NIHL, who used hearing protection 64% of the time, those with NIHL reported using it 43% of the time. Over 60-year-old male farmers, all exhibited NIHL.


No particular conclusions can be taken because many of the participants in the screening did so because they thought they could have hearing loss. However, it was clear that NIHL was on the rise, as indicated by numerous studies. Farmers should know that wearing hearing protection while using machinery, power tools, or weapons can help prevent noise-induced hearing loss. 


You may get hearing protection in various designs and kinds from farm supply stores or online catalogues. One constructive step in enhancing everyone’s health on the farm is providing protection to avoid hearing loss.


5 Hearing Aid Facts You Probably Didn’t Know 


Even though many individuals wear hearing aids, many of us might not completely comprehend what they do or how they operate. We’ve discovered seven things about these practical gadgets that you should be aware of.


1. People of all ages can use hearing aids. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 466 million individuals worldwide have incapacitating hearing loss, 34 million of whom are children. More than 900 million individuals will reportedly have incapacitating hearing loss by the year 2050. According to the WHO, exposure to loud noise in recreational contexts puts 1.1 billion young people between the ages of 12 and 35 at risk of developing hearing damage.

2. Hearing aids may automatically adapt to background noise 

Our ears are pretty good at picking up vital sounds, like your dinner date’s talk at a crowded restaurant or a bored coworker mumbling under his breath in a conference. The same is possible with hearing aids, which are now adaptable to all sound settings thanks to technological improvements.

3. Hearing aids won’t make your hearing problems go away. 

Your hearing will not improve with a hearing aid. A hearing aid will make it easier for you to hear conversations, TV, and radio, even if it won’t restore your hearing loss. Your quality of life will undoubtedly increase if you wear a hearing aid.

4. Avoid purchasing hearing aids online. 

If you go online, you can locate a hearing aid that costs less than your estimate. Although hearing aids are customising to meet your specific hearing needs, much like prescription glasses are, it is hard to predict whether the device will work for you. An audiologist must evaluate your hearing to choose the best hearing aid for you.

5. Hearing aids are adaptable to all lifestyles. 

No matter what kind of lifestyle you now lead, you will be able to discover a hearing aid that fits your needs as technology advances. These days, it is possible to purchase hearing aids that are waterproof or water resistant. You don’t have to alter your way of life just because you need to use a hearing aid.


Beat the hidden risks of hearing loss and choose treatment instead

The good news is that if you choose to get your hearing loss treated, the hidden hazards of hearing loss that were previously mentioned can be decreased. Hearing aids are not necessarily a part of the treatment.


If you are looking for a free- hearing test, you may schedule an appointment date with specialist Jglasseshearing.


Article posted by Blog Post Daily 

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