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10 Things You Must Pack For A Goa Trip

Planning a trip for goa? Don't forget to pack these essential things in excitement.

Goa is known for its exuberance and lavish lifestyle. You’ll find many beautiful beaches in Goa such as Little Vagator, Calangute, etc. Though the city of Panjim is the only landlocked part of Goa, which means it’s surrounded by water. The lush green hills of Western Ghats add to the attraction. A hot favorite destination among Indian travelers, packing for Goa seems like a difficult task to some people due to its tropical climate. But this doesn’t have to be so!

The first step is to make a list of things you will surely need while in Goa. The second step is to do some earth-friendly research on places around where you’re staying and buying local products or ingredients there.

What You Must Pack For Goa?

The beauty of Goa is one of a kind. The serenity in the weather, the sound of peacocks, and the beauty of this place sure take you to a different world. Be a tourist for a day and have a goa trip. 

If you want to avoid making the same mistake as me, you need to make a list of what to pack for Goa in advance. By going over this list and ensuring I have everything, I did not realize that there is no AC in my hotel room during my recent vacation in India. I’m sharing this list so hopefully, you can learn from my blunder!


It’s no secret that carrying around a bulky pair of jeans everywhere you go isn’t the easiest thing to do whether you’re at the beach, going out exploring the town, or even when you need to visit your local churches and temples. This is where having a handful of shorts – preferably in lighter colors so not only can you wear them every day but also when it comes time to head outdoors.


Shirts go well with shorts. Choose an open collar to match the laid-back feel of a pair of Bermuda shorts. You can even wear it at the beach or on a vacation. Printed shirts for men are fun to play around with your outfit. Natural fabrics like linen, cotton, and chambray look fabulous when paired with shorts as well.


Goa is one of the most beautiful yet annoying places in price of skincare. While it’s a paradise, with the sun and the seawater there, it can ultimately be an ugly picture as far as weathering goes. Therefore, before going to Goa, keeping a sunscreen in your backpack is among one of the topmost basics that you need to carry along, especially on your face.  


Jet-sets and surfers agree upon a single must-have accessory for enjoying the sunny beaches of Goa: sunglasses. The harsh sun rays of coastal regions are tough on the eyes, especially when one is simply sitting on the beach without taking any measures to protect them. As a secondary bonus, sunglasses work miracles in hiding hangovers too!


Along with the shirts, you should bring along several funky t-shirts, tank tops, and men’s co-ord sets. Cotton is by far the most comfortable fabric option. 


If you plan to go swimming at a pool or the beach, make sure you bring clothing that will dry up quickly. Failing to do so could be hazardous as wet clothes can chill you and the pool water may be cold during the colder months too.

 7. DAY BAG 

For anyone who’s constantly out and about, a tote and/or messenger bag sorted with all necessary items is essential. For men, it’s good to pick a messenger bag packed with everything you might use like sunscreen, lip balm, water bottle, mobile phone, and of course an emergency snack or two!


Another stylish way to care for yourself from the sun would be to wear a hat. While this is a common enough idea, some people might feel more comfortable in certain hats than others, so if you’re looking for one for your vacation to Goa, I’d suggest you search online for travel blogs that list various uses for these kinds of hats.


Wear your favorite shorts and swimsuits with a pair of flip-flops or open sandals. Be sure not to wear leather or suede flip-flops though; the sand and water can ruin them. Other than that, just carry a pair of comfortable shoes or sneakers if you want to indulge in some local sightseeing or even go hiking – walking around in flip flops gets tiring at times so you should invest in a solid pair of non-slip shoes.


A vacation in Goa wouldn’t be the same without someone to capture it all with a camera. A vacation to Goa involves remembering every special moment, and that’s exactly what this camera can help you do. After coming back from your vacation, you’ll want a way to remember everything see while experiencing this beautiful area of India.

CONCLUSION: As a traveler, we always tend to miss something while packing. We have made a list of 10 things that you must pack for Goa. Hope you will find this useful for your next Goa trip. Do let us know about the things which we missed and do share the article with your friends.

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