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10 Practical Methods to Increase Repeat Guests at Your Hotel

You do get countless guests in hotel who come one time and then are never to be seen again. It is smart to focus on reaching out to new guests and gaining their trust. But what you really need to focus is on repeat guests who end up spending more during their visits in comparison to other guests. Hence, you need to cater to them more and ensure they keep coming back from finding the right hotel accessories; such as the best pool towels in USA to offering an incentive targeted to them specifically.

We will be helping you by sharing 10 practical methods to increase repeat guests at your hotel; to increase your overall hotel revenue.

1.      Direct Hotel Bookings

As important as online travel agents may seem, you want to cut down on your dependency on them. Make your way straight to your guests through your website, mobile app, and social media. The clearer the booking path is, the less likely your guests are to get distracted and choose someone else to host them.

2.      Loyalty Points

Earning discount points and special deals before the next trip is a great way to place yourselves; in the mind of all your guests in hotel for their next trip. Loyalty programs are in fact not extinct but something even the new generation appreciates.

3.      Extra Special Service for Repeat Guests

When guests make you feel special; it is only fair you let them know how special they are. It is always a good idea to offer a little something extra for repeat guests. Whether it is the price you offer them or a package in comparison to other guests in hotel.

4.      Personalized Experience for Your Special Guests in Hotel

From the moment repeat guests make their booking to after they walk out; talk to them and understand what you can do to make their trip better. Sometimes you can even relax some rules for them.

5.      Technology for the Upcoming Guest Generation

Millennials, Gen Z, and those little ones in the strollers, are all technologically advanced. Start making use of them from online hotel check-ins to different automated services. Let them know you are in-step with them.

6.      Exceptional Guest Room Quality

An extra treat basket, or a spa day, something to celebrate their multiple visits as guests in hotel. You can celebrate a number of years that you have hosted them, times, and give extra attention to the rooms they are staying in.

7.      Pay Attention for the Unique Preferences

Out of all the 10 practical methods to increase repeat guests at your hotel; getting to know our guests personally; and catering to them accordingly makes them feel the most special. So have your staff learn what they prefer and provide them a service they always look forward to receiving.

8.      Emails Repeat Guests to Stay in Touch

You have to remember your guests and ensure that they don’t forget you either. Send them emails to let them know you are looking forward to host them. Or share any latest delas that you might be offering at the time.

9.      Prompt Solutions for All Visiting Guests in Hotel

Bend your rules a little and solve repeat guests’ problems at the earliest. This is especially for those guests who never usually complain or have an issue. The sooner their problems are solved; the better they would feel.

10.   Don’t Forget Your Repeat Guests

You do get numerous guests in hotel all year long; but mark out the special ones. Recognize them through the crowd and focus on them even before they have entered the premises. They have expectations when they make the booking call. You don’t want to disappoint them.



Other than these 10 practical methods to increase repeat guests at your hotel; which tip would you recommend to increase repeat guests; and make them feel special to give other guests in hotel the idea to be converted into repeats? Let us know in the comments below.

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