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10 Amazing Principles of UI/UX Design You Didn’t Know Existed

10 Amazing Principles of UI/UX Design You Didn't Know Existed

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design are some of the most misunderstood concepts in the tech world. Even though it’s not easy to explain the difference between the two, it’s important to know what makes great UI and UX design and how to do it if you want your application to succeed in today’s competitive environment. Here are 10 amazing principles of UI/UX design that you can use to develop apps that people want to use.

1.Use a Global Color Palette


A global color palette is an organized set of colors that are used throughout a design. They can be pulled from different places, such as nature or symbolism, and each color has a purpose. For example, red may represent passion and aggression while blue may represent peace and stability. The colors in your palette should be used consistently to create a unified look for your design.

2.Use Consistent Fonts


Consistent fonts are important for any design project, and can be used to help guide the user’s focus. The best way to do this is by pairing a typeface with a matching weight and style, but even matching the weight alone will work in most cases. One of the big benefits to consistent fonts is that it makes it easier for users to scan through content and find what they are looking for, which is why it’s important to keep that in mind when choosing your typeface.

If you’re working on an app or other interface that has a lot of text, you may want to consider using a san serif font such as Helvetica or Arial.

3. Be Clear About What Actions Users Can Take

  • Make the user feel in control. When designing an interface, make sure that it’s clear what your user can do next and why they should do it. If a button doesn’t do anything when you click on it, don’t put it there!
  • Keep the design minimal and clutter-free. Clutter makes users confused and is often an indication of poor-quality design work.


  1. Present Numbers Clearly


  1. It is better to use a simple number than a word that could be confused with a number. (2 instead of 2 hundred)
  2. When people are deciding between two numbers, the one on the left is perceived as being bigger or less than the one on the right. (If you have $5 and your friend has $8, then you have less.) 
  3. The first number in a sequence should be larger than the second number for easier comparison

4. Define Headings Accordingly

-Scalable design: the design should be scalable with different screen sizes, device types and resolutions. 

-Clear call to action: a clear call to action will make it easier for a user to understand what they are supposed to do next. 

-Bigger touch targets: when a user touches an object on the screen, they should be able to easily select it. 

-Consistency: when designing apps, consistency is key.

5. Give Users an Escape Route

Even when you have the best UX design in the world, there may be some situations where your site or app just doesn’t work for a user. One way to help users avoid this is by giving them an escape route. This is simply a way for users to exit from your site if they decide that it’s not working for them.

6.Provide Context For All Elements

UI and UX design are complex, but the principles behind them are surprisingly simple. By following these 10 principles, you’ll be able to create a more intuitive interface for your users that will make them want to use it.

7.Let Users Customize The Interface

One way to make a user interface more intuitive is by allowing them to customize the interface. This can be done in many different ways, but one example would be through the use of themes. If a person wanted a light theme, they could select that option and then the colors and backgrounds would change accordingly.

7.Include Focus Features (aka Microinteractions)

Focusing on the tiny details is what separates good design from great design. Focus features are the small, subtle features that enhance an experience in a way that would otherwise be overlooked. An example of this can be seen when you use the back button on your phone to go back to a previous page. If it took you a few seconds to find the back button, then you need to focus more on creating a well-designed UX!


Final Note

If you’re looking to get a website or app created, it’s important to hire a professional that understands the fundamentals of UI/UX design. A good UI/UX designer knows how to create an intuitive, user-friendly interface that is both visually appealing and easy to navigate. The process includes learning how people interact with digital interfaces, as well as how they interact with physical objects in their environment. 

The UI/UX Design Company in USA can help you create the perfect interface for your business or project by identifying what features and functions will be most useful to your audience before implementing them into the design.




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